I had today off because I work tomorrow. The kids and I spent the morning shopping then we had a picnic at the #Wildcat-Hills-Nature-Center. It is right outside of town, then we went to the headquarters which has a hands-on place in the basement for kids and they spent about an hour messing around digging up “fossils” and watching honey bees and playing with rubber animal poop. 

When we got back, Leo wanted to play catch. I grew up without ever playing #catch, so I have lots of learning to do. We tossed the old hard ball around for a while then I threw a great underhand toss which hit Leo right on the top of his head. Shortly after we got those tears wiped away I threw a grounder that bounced and hit him right in the nose. He was a little disappointed he didn’t get a bloody nose. We put the baseball away while the car still had windows.

I never thought of this when I was pregnant and drinking strawberry limeades by the Route 44, but I blended up a package of strawberries and the juice from a big old lime then put that in my ice cube tray mom had me get to freeze pesto in. Guess what! You stick a couple of cubes in a Sprite and you got yourself a strawberry limeade! It does take a while for the strawberry stuff to melt. What I did do when I was pregnant was make that frozen slushie stuff you get at baby showers, with lemonade and orange juice and strawberries and bananas and what not, then you pour it in small plastic cups and freeze it. It makes about 40 cups. Yeah, I made that twice for my own consumption.