Last week I needed the packing tape to tape something at work. Now, remember that librarians have the best adhesives on the market. We have awesome tapes and glues. Some of the tapes are expensive though, so you need to make sure you are using the cheap tape if you are just taping a regular something rather than a book. I spied the packing tape next to some packages waiting for the mailman so I snagged it and finished my project then promptly forgot to return the tape. My coworker wandered out and snagged the tape back and commented that she rarely misplaces things so she knew someone had liberated it.

I was gobsmacked as JK Rowling would say. She ‘rarely misplaces things.’ I cannot imagine life on her planet. It is unfathomable to me to live in a life where I am not searching for something or another…keys, purse, camera, planner, kid (okay I am pretty good with that one), phone, grocery list, current book…what haven’t I lost? 

I lost my broom once for about a month. When I got done sweeping I spotted a closet that would be ‘a great place to keep the broom’ much better than beside the refrigerator. I did that with my new camera in December. I actually have a reward out on that one. If you happen across my camera, I will gladly pay you $10.

I saw a book on organization a year ago so I checked it out. They pointed out in the first chapter that when you go to get a plate from your kitchen, you know where it will be because you always put it in the same place. True. I do always know where my clean plates are. I thought “Ok, start small. I can do this with my keys.” I found a place in my purse for my car keys. Since then I have found my keys in the compartment next to that compartment, on the floor of the car, in coat pockets, in the couch, on my bed and once in the garbage. I didn’t read any further. Clearly disorganization is a lifestyle for me.