I finally finished reading The Mysterious Benedict Society to the ladies last week. I believe I checked it out in October. One of the many benefits of working in the library is no overdue fees! We liked it but we stalled out between Thanksgiving and Easter. Now we have started Caddie Woodlawn so we can discuss it with my mother and my grandmother. I have re-implemented my rule, “I read aloud while you pick up your room.” I had forgotten about that. I had also forgotten the carpet in their room is purple shag (they play a lot of dress-up).

I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to the gentlemen. They are 6 and 5. I am not sure how much little Paul is getting out of it, but I think they should have a working familiarity with the books should we ever make it to Harry Potter World. This is about the seventh time I have read this book and the second time aloud. It will also be the last time for a long, long time. (okay, maybe it is only the fifth time, I don’t know) For the record, they picked up their room too.

Mae was having a hard time getting to sleep last winter and she is reading the Percy Jackson books. Most kid books end each chapter with a cliff hanger (just like George R.R. Martin does) so you can’t put the book down (which can become a problem when you are reading an 800 page book). I handed her a copy of My Antonia by Willa Cather thinking the description-heavy plot would lull her to sleep. She informed me the next morning she was on Chapter 3. Oops. I so handed her Roots by Alex Haley. She just kind of looked at me. But she really wants to read My Antonia. It is the One Book Nebraska book this year so I would like to re-read it with her. Unfortunately she is off to spend the summer with her father soon. We may have some marathon reading sessions this month, but maybe that will be good for the room situation.

I approached my boss about promoting an open discussion about My Antonia, maybe with lemonade on the lawn or something at the end of summer. She said, “Great! You are in charge!” So now I have to read it. She is very much all about new and edgy books, so she isn’t going to like next year’s book either since it will be by a Nebraska author as well and I can’t think of an edgy new Nebraska author, although it should be a newer book since they go old one year the new the next year.

Our book discussion group is doing well. We have about 10 women who come each month, and we are on our third book (Little Bee). Next month is Wicked by Maguire. If you are interested find us on goodreads at LSPL Book Junkies. We seriously need some online discussion.

I think I am going to go curl up with Baxter Black for a bit before I hit the sack. Don’t tell Ed.

** EDIT ** I goofed! The One Book Nebraska was O Pioneers this year! It might be easier to read.