My great weekend started with Leo finding my camera, He turned around and invested the reward money in Legos.

Saturday I took the kids to Dad’s. We practiced driving in the pasture. Jane (9) put one hand on the wheel and her other elbow out the window right away. Hmm. I will be watching that one.

After dinner we went up to the canyons and the kids built a dam. Paul spent the rest of the day in his underwear because his clothes were filthy. We sure had a good time.

I spent three of the last four nights watching Titanic. Leo is enamored with it, so I rented it. We watched it twice, which was once too many times for me. Now I want to rent The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Today I attended a private art show opening. The kids seem to think Grandma’s basement looks like an arts center. They had a nice array taped to her walls.