May at Grandpa’s Place

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May at Grandpa’s place

House remodel. It is too late to learn how to use this photo editor…please excuse!

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My mother-in-law


My mother-in-law [you can divorce your husband but it is hard to say “ex-mother-in-law”] was diagnosed with cancer six or seven weeks ago. They discovered she had colon and lung cancer. Further examination revealed liver and brain cancer as well. This clearly had been going on for some time. She has been in a nursing home since, and declining in health. The kids went with their father to see her and Mae texted me that Grandma had no breasts. I immediately called my SIL to ask if they had done a double mastectomy on a woman who was dying of four other kinds of cancer, and she said, “No. She just has no breasts, she’s old.” I guess her hospital gown looked empty to Mae.


Hedging my bet

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Well, I hate that you can’t cruise around and find individuals, groups of like-minded people, but I am at 

As you can see from the title I will be providing the same high-brow blogging you have come to expect, but hopefully with a little more regularity.

Potato Chips and Farts


All in all it was a good day. Mom rode with me when I picked up The Usual Suspects and we had a 5 hour chat.  I get the kids until Saturday night. We rode our bikes around the mile when we got home. The older kids kindly waiting up for the old folk and the training-wheel rider at the corners. The grocery store was closed so I hit Walgreens and struck the mother lode. They had not only Chunky bars which I have been craving but also Pop Rocks the most awesome candy ever. I also got milk, which was pretty much what I was after.

I ordered this 51NxpyPoDeLfor Ed for his upcoming birthday. It will be from the children. My gift may not be near so nice. 

Ed is not a real possession-oriented person. Last year we had been dating about six months when his birthday rolled around. Six months is a record for me, dating-wise. I have not dated anyone over about four months that I wasn’t engaged to. Ed lives in a small apartment, stuffed with boxes his son has sent in from the ranch where he is trying to take over a house that has not been emptied of its owner’s stuff for literally four generations. Ed’s son is the fifth generation to live the 23 room, 100 year-old-house. I embroidered Ed a sampler that said something along the lines of, “Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating eggs without salt” It was mostly to make him laugh. He did.

Today while I was gone getting the kids for 5 hours Ed put potato chips in my sheets where I was sure to sit on them before climbing into bed. Now, Ed is a prankster. My favorite was when he asked Mae if he could get her a glass of water. She looked around in surprise and said, “yes, that would be nice.” He ran the tap for a while, sticking his finger in to test the waters…and presented her with the glass of water. She took one drink and spit it out, “It’s HOT!” Classic Ed.

I had Mae help me change the sheets at 11:00 at night. She asked me if I had just broke up with Ed, since I was cussing him. Poor kid. Her dad went through girlfriends in the last two years at the rate of one every three months, introducing all of them to The Usual Suspects and then breaking their hearts every three months when things went south. This summer he has a different game plan. According to a reliable source, he is chasing seven women at the same time. Again, this can only go south. The man doesn’t have THAT much charisma no matter what he may think. They are used to not getting too attached to the women in their dad’s life.

I told her no, I wasn’t going to break up with Ed, although I would be making him pay for this. I need to go a little further tomorrow and explain that people can disagree or even be mad at one another and still love them. I don’t think she sees that at her Dad’s and she remembers us fighting before we got divorced.  I don’t miss fighting, although I never had potato chips in my bed either.

I am not a pranker. Anyone have any ideas?

Paul had an emergency call of nature when we were halfway around the mile and I threw those clothes in the washer with Ed’s work-out clothes, but I don’t think that will be enough, however any latent guilt I had is now gone.


I blogged, just not here.

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I tried this out…. I am not sure what to think.


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