May at Grandpa’s Place

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May at Grandpa’s place


House remodel. It is too late to learn how to use this photo editor…please excuse!

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My mother-in-law


My mother-in-law [you can divorce your husband but it is hard to say “ex-mother-in-law”] was diagnosed with cancer six or seven weeks ago. They discovered she had colon and lung cancer. Further examination revealed liver and brain cancer as well. This clearly had been going on for some time. She has been in a nursing home since, and declining in health. The kids went with their father to see her and Mae texted me that Grandma had no breasts. I immediately called my SIL to ask if they had done a double mastectomy on a woman who was dying of four other kinds of cancer, and she said, “No. She just has no breasts, she’s old.” I guess her hospital gown looked empty to Mae.


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