I am remodeling my house for the second time in 13 years. Well, the first time it was a different house. I seem to keep finding myself in three bedroom, one bathroom houses with no basement. This time I have four kids elbowing each other at the navy blue sink each morning at tooth-brushing time. (I use the kitchen sink.)

When I got divorced I moved into my grandma’s house. My grandfather could be described as thrifty. They bought a house in a very nice part of town with cash, so who am I to complain about thrift. They did this in 1972. They left the bedroom carpets as they came, purple shag, turquoise pile and red pile. There are 7 different kinds of paneling and only 9 rooms. (the bathroom and the turquoise room escaped) Each room was painted a wild color, purple, turquoise, goose blue (you know the 1980 blue), navy blue, green, orange and mustard. I think the family room was always white, which went with the black and white shag-and they did change that carpet. If you are counting rooms, I counted the hallway in the original room count. It is paneled in a dark army green, but since it is entirely paneled there was no paint color.

I have five people crammed into a house which was perfect for two retired folks, but I love the neighborhood, have literally known all my neighbors since I was two, it is across the street from a 10 acre park and I had room to add on, so I did…or am to be specific.

We are adding two bedrooms so the ladies don’t have to share, and we are enlarging my bedroom and adding a master bath as well as lots of other things, including new windows so the curtains don’t swing in the breeze. We are also adding a man-cave basement under the addition to be finished later for the gentlemen.

Currently the ladies are sleeping in the living room and the living room furniture is in the garage. Soon we will have to unplug the TV so they can make the basement entrance, and move all the family room furniture…somewhere. The house is inches deep in sawdust and plain old dust. It is a good thing I am not much of a housekeeper or it would really drive me crazy.

I am also remodeling my laundry room as well as the kitchen and pretty much everything but the garage.

Here is my question.

I am tall and because pants waists keep getting lower, I have to find long shirts so my stomach doesn’t show in the gap. (note- I cannot buy dress pants in my town. Nobody carries long sizes. Lee makes a really nice pant in a long and you can find them online.)

Sometimes people are helpful and put my shirts in the dryer and shrink them, even though I do my best to do my own laundry, occasionally a shirt gets mixed in with the kids’ clothes. Currently I prefer to drape my wet shirts over the furniture to air dry and collect cat hair and pencil shavings (and lately sawdust) naturally. I like them to lie flat to dry. Here is my question to you…am I a little over-obsessed about this flat thing? If I get a clothes rack and fold my shirts across the stomach to dry will I have unsightly weird bumps across my middle? Should I have my guy build me a multilevel drying rack?