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These are my thoughts on everybody’s need to pack heat.

I live in Nebraska, for God’s sake. We hunt out here. I myself had a rifle until my ex stole it. I don’t have a problem with guns. What I do have a problem with is all the wack-jobs who need to arm themselves as they go about daily life.

Last week 38 people in the US got shot accidentally. Now I know my sources are one-sided, but many of these are children with either access to guns or access to idiots with guns. (Source: the a Daily Kos link below) Many of the rest were cleaning or otherwise wielding their guns, not in the name of self protection.

If you think about it as natural selection, and it is tempting to do just that, what about the lady who was rifling through her handbag and her piece fell out of its holster accidentally shooting a clerk at Lowe’s in Cheyenne? The victim was just at her job. Should the victim/cashier have pulled her piece and stood her ground? Would a shoot-out have ensued in the checkout line? This is Wyoming after all. You don’t need a permit in Wyoming to pack, either openly or concealed.
Cheyenne shooting

I know several people who have concealed carry permits. Some are sane, safe folks. Some are volatile, impulsive, suspicious people. One guy has filed his eye teeth into points and wears eye shadow on his cheeks to look more vampirish. He also wears bandoleers around town, which kind of negates the whole “concealed” part of concealed carry. It alarms me that someone thought this guy was safe to pack in public.

For those who say, if you take away guns, only the criminals will have guns, I say this: according to this website, mostly it is the idiots who have guns.

Daily Kos GunFAIL

And according to this website, this is how they get the concealed carry permit. Mother Jones

Both of these sites have thought-provoking things to say.

This is what I know:

If you shoot somebody who threatened you then you go eat pizza and wait for the cops to find you, you did not stand your ground. You screwed up and you hope you weren’t seen. You go straight to the cops if you honestly think you did the right thing by shooting someone. Fortunately the jury saw it my way too.

A concealed carry permit should be something you receive after hours of training. Actual training, like for a hunter’s safety permit, with tests and with a hands on component.