My upcoming week

Monday I have to leave work early to get the kids. We will get home around 9.

Tuesday…I don’t know. Surely something will come up.

Wednesday I work until 8

Thursday I have a sorority thing at 7

Friday I get off early and the dudes are coming to replace the carpet in my living room, so I need to dig out the air compressor and see if I can’t get my vacuum to suck again. I swear my next husband will be a plumber or a vacuum repair guy. All others need not apply.

Saturday I have a MS Walk at 7:30 then my 7 year-old’s birthday party in the afternoon (he will be 8 on June 27) and a political dinner that evening.

Sunday I work three-and-a-half hours

Oh, yeah. I have to go to the Y five more times this month so work will keep paying part of my membership.

Said birthday boy did not bring home the addresses of his intended guests so I could not mail invitations last week, or tomorrow for that matter. This means I have to surreptitiously send them with Thos to school so he can sneak them to his friends, since we are not inviting the whole class.

Fortunately I have a huge park in my front yard and the theme will be the Olympics, so it will be pretty much an outdoor activity, which is good because my house is a wreck. Sadly the babysitter has prom so he can’t help run the activities for me.

Why are we having this kid’s birthday a full two months early? Well, I only get him every other weekend, and we will be in Disney World on Mother’s Day and the next time is Memorial Day which isn’t a great time to have a birthday party. Then their dad has them most of the summer, except I hope the week of his birthday which is also the week of the Chautauqua in our humble community and I am on the committee so I can’t get a birthday party arranged, plus he could not invite people at school since we don’t have any addresses!

Crap. I just looked at the weather. Saturday is 66 with an 80% chance of rain. That is some serious precip for here. At least it is rain not snow. What do I do? The kid does not remember his last birthday party that was not just family, he was 3. He deserves a party. 

We could do it after school gets out on a weekday too. Looking at my calendar that would be May 23rd since they get out the 22nd. Hmm. Maybe the babysitter could help then too…