A Book Show!


A couple of Fridays ago my dad casually asked me what I was doing on Saturday. “I need to clean house, do laundry, mow the lawn, visit my grandmas… Why?”

“We are going to a book show in Denver.”

A book show? The house will still be around next week, hopefully the grandmas will too. I went looking for Glen Rounds a children’s author/illustrator (which nobody had by the way) but got to see first editions of all kinds of stuff like Salinger and Will James. I saw “The Please and Thank You Book” paperback by Richard Scarry autographed for $350. There was lots of Oz stuff and Willa Cather and Nancy Drew of all ages. What did I get? I got a book I am only slightly fond of, but I loved the illustrations. For some reason I am an illustration junkie. I got Animal Farm illustrated but not autographed by Ralph Steadman. It is how the book was meant to be read.

Then we went to Shepler’s and I got a shirt and we ate at some Italian buffet which was the size of a Best Buy building and I got curtains for my living room at Pier One and a huge dragonfly mosaic for my dining room. It was a great day.

I visited my grandmas on Sunday and took a photo album from the early 70s for my dementia-ed grandma who actually recognized her brother, but not her husband. Grandpa has been gone a few years, and her brother 25 years. I told Dad to take in some older ones. It is hard to talk to someone who can’t think anymore.

I am not sure what made me think of that tonight…

High School “friends”


So I find myself living in my hometown of maybe 7,000 people. I put my kids’ first day of school photo up with the comment that this is the last year they will be in the same school. (Lydia will be in Junior high next year) a Facebook “friend” from high school pointed out that she, another “friend” and I will all have daughters in the same grade. I did not mention that I hope their daughters are nicer to mine than they were to me.

I was not anywhere near their social circle in high school. I didn’t want to be, but they didn’t have to be mean.

We have all grown up, mostly. I don’t hang with these women, but I think we would be polite if we were to meet on the street. I have a hard time recognizing people so I would probably walk right past on accident and be the rude one. If I ever did anything social, that is, like walk down the street.

Mostly I just needed to say that, and Facebook was not the place.

Thank you blog friends for not being mean to me in high school, and then pretending your kids will be nice to mine in jr high.

Where the kid went.


We had a long planning session on being prepared to deal with the school kids and it went well today. I volunteered to organize the shelves in the teen section after school which was fine with the good kids and made the ones who were planning to be up to no good leave on their own. The guy who was supposed to do it was also happy. We don’t always have the staff for it though. I got through the Ds.

I pulled up the bottom shelves on the parts I got straightened (it is actually called reading, but is not as fun as real reading as it mostly involves singing the alphabet song under your breath over and over) and found four magazines and three books, two movies and 12 cents as well as assorted gum and hair ponytail bands. It was a good day.

The missing kid had indeed been kicked out earlier and has been banned with his friend for two weeks. Hopefully he made it home.

Last night two young ladies were in a car wreck. One of those school permit (14 year old farm kid license)-no seatbelt-driving too fast on a gravel road-while drinking alcohol-flight for life kind of wrecks.

Underage drinking is huge here. I almost never drank in high school (and certainly not when I was 14) due to my living 30 miles from my friends and my general unpopularity.

Do you know where my kid is?

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Today at 6:40 a concerned mother asked if we knew where her son was. I asked when he had come and she said she didn’t know when, her grandmother had been dropping him off all summer. He was nine. I didn’t know him by name, which means he was a good kid, or had been flying barely under the radar. I told the woman we had kicked some kids out around 4 and did she know Daniel. She did not. Someone who knew Daniel had taken the kids somewhere to someone because we were on the verge of calling the cops to take them home. (We did this once before for another kid who was throwing rocks at cars.)

Finding child care stinks. Paying for child care is probably impossible on minimum wage, but letting your fourth grader roam the town? She is not the only one either.

Our policy on unattended children focuses on behavior rather than age, and our director was a teacher and gives them too many chances. And she usually goes home about 3:30-4:00.

These kids belong to the FTA. Future Thugs of America.

School starts tomorrow. We are one block from a grade school and five from the middle school. Fortunately, the library provides free after school daycare.

I need to figure out how to tell my boss that sometimes we have to choose between helping well-behaved adult and children patrons check out books and print things on the computer and… recess duty.

It will be chaos from 3:30 on.