We had a long planning session on being prepared to deal with the school kids and it went well today. I volunteered to organize the shelves in the teen section after school which was fine with the good kids and made the ones who were planning to be up to no good leave on their own. The guy who was supposed to do it was also happy. We don’t always have the staff for it though. I got through the Ds.

I pulled up the bottom shelves on the parts I got straightened (it is actually called reading, but is not as fun as real reading as it mostly involves singing the alphabet song under your breath over and over) and found four magazines and three books, two movies and 12 cents as well as assorted gum and hair ponytail bands. It was a good day.

The missing kid had indeed been kicked out earlier and has been banned with his friend for two weeks. Hopefully he made it home.

Last night two young ladies were in a car wreck. One of those school permit (14 year old farm kid license)-no seatbelt-driving too fast on a gravel road-while drinking alcohol-flight for life kind of wrecks.

Underage drinking is huge here. I almost never drank in high school (and certainly not when I was 14) due to my living 30 miles from my friends and my general unpopularity.