So I find myself living in my hometown of maybe 7,000 people. I put my kids’ first day of school photo up with the comment that this is the last year they will be in the same school. (Lydia will be in Junior high next year) a Facebook “friend” from high school pointed out that she, another “friend” and I will all have daughters in the same grade. I did not mention that I hope their daughters are nicer to mine than they were to me.

I was not anywhere near their social circle in high school. I didn’t want to be, but they didn’t have to be mean.

We have all grown up, mostly. I don’t hang with these women, but I think we would be polite if we were to meet on the street. I have a hard time recognizing people so I would probably walk right past on accident and be the rude one. If I ever did anything social, that is, like walk down the street.

Mostly I just needed to say that, and Facebook was not the place.

Thank you blog friends for not being mean to me in high school, and then pretending your kids will be nice to mine in jr high.