My Zumba instructor encouraged me to attend her Pilates/Yoga class today at 5:30. In the morning. I was only a couple of minutes late. I felt pretty good all day, had caprase or however you spell that for lunch. Supper was late for me at 8:30, due to having a bunch of kids with practices, homework and what-not. I had buttered noodles and two jerky sticks. As I type this, I am daydreaming about my favorite two guys, Ben & Jerry who are cooling their heels in my freezer.

I have lost around 8 pounds since my Dr mentioned I was at least 20 pounds over what I probably should weigh.

The class? I will try to go back, it is Tues & Thurs. My stomach muscles are killing me, which I can only take as a sign, since that is where the other 12 pounds need to come off. With my luck my boobs will go back to pre-four-baby size, and my stomach will stick out further than them. If only my feet would go back to pre-baby size.

I love the instructor, and she is moving next month.