Words I learned while reading “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.”
Absquatulate-to abscond with
Leporello-cannot find in dictionary, or online
Subfusc-dusk or a brown
Quoits-something to do with a circle of rope thrown in a game
A word that started with a W I lost track of in the 400s or 500s.
(If you happen across it, please let me know-I think it was on the left side of the page)

I am still in mourning that I have finished the book. I am sure the person who has been waiting for it will be happy to get it, but sadly it is coming apart after two readings and will have to be mended first. I was careful with it, and I suspect the other person was too, but people, you have to sew big books together. Glue will not hold an 800 page book together. Look at your Bible. It is sewn, see? Big book-sewn.

I have not been watching the series. I really should watch more TV.

My daughter is on her fifth non-consecutive day of grounding since Sept 22. This means right to her room after school, until morning. I don’t check her homework or feed her supper these days. Her math homework has suffered as a consequence. She probably has some sort of food stash which will probably attract mice. It might be the reason we are out of cereal.

I asked her father to talk to her as well. Apparently he told her he never lies, but they know he cheated on his girlfriend last summer, the kids saw him kissing another woman-definitely cheating to them-so that was a mixed message at best. Lydia said she put that in her BS filter. (Atta girl, at least she can spot one) Looking back on it, it was poor judgement on my part, but I thought he should be aware of the problem.

Everybody lies sometimes, but when I am asked a direct question, I am a crappy liar. I just need to know if she has homework, if it is completed and if it has been checked.

Nobody else is doing chores half the time so I am not cooking supper half the time or buying groceries. If they don’t help, why should they expect me to do their chores and mine? Remember when that mom camped out in her front yard I the early 1980s? If it wasn’t October…

Clearly this is not working. What I need here is a four-part plan. 🙂