I have been following your blogs, but by the time I get to them pretty much all the comments I would think up have been taken, and if they haven’t, what I want to say is more my own thing than anything to do with yours. Here is proof.

I turned 44 last week. I think it was the best birthday in my adulthood. I am pretty content to be my age. The Sunday before, my brother offered to ride in the car with me to meet my ex and exchange kids. We got to talk for five hours. We hadn’t spent that much time alone together since, well I suppose sometime in the 80s. I lamented about how I was having problems with general maintenance in my house.

I came around the corner in my hall later that week to find my brother looking at my front doorknob which had cost $89 and wasn’t working. He fixed my air compressor hose by unscrewing a thing. Then he hung my curtain rods and generally puttered around. My cousin mailed me some grass seeds from Minnesota, the kids got me a Pete the Cat shirt, and my boyfriend wrote me a four page love letter. It was a great day. Then I came home later to find my brother had replaced my garage door opener. For free. He is a jewel. I wish he didn’t live in Texas.

So when we met my ex on Sunday, the kids boiled out of his pickup and told me a state trooper had pulled my ex over because another driver had turned him in for swerving. My ex leaned in my window (I think) to yell at me because I bet he thought I had turned him in. When he saw my brother he didn’t say a word. (It had never occurred to me to turn him in, although I know the plate # and where he should be on the road.) The cop apparently saw all the kids and thought, “nobody in his right mind is drinking while driving these lovely children down the interstate,” and didn’t search for alcohol containers. Because he would have found them, empty and full. So close.

I have been muttering to myself about my current boyfriend. He falls into OBL’s >60 range, he doesn’t have a job and he isn’t handy at all. I am handy if everything works as it should, but I am not a problem solver when I run across something that I didn’t expect. Ed won’t help with that stuff at all, and he was a rancher for most of his life, he HAS to know how to remove the thingie on my air compressor so it works. Last night my youngest puked. I texted my boss. While I can potentially leave an eleven-year-old alone for most of the day, I cannot do that for a seven-year-old. While trying to figure out how they would staff the front desk without me I realized they really couldn’t. So Ed said he would stay home and take care of Zach. He took sheets off the bed, washed them and re-made the bunk bed. After school he delivered my daughter to piano and dropped the rest of the crew at the library.  Here I am cursing a guy who would stay home with another man’s kid so I can go to work and not inconvenience my boss who is a little scary these days. (She told me she had a dream she fired me.)

One of our patrons (the one I voted most likely to be jumped by me if his doctor-wife were to die in a tragic accident) published a book. I read the first two chapters on Amazon and got the rest to read on my iPad tonight. It is written for the 9-12 age group. I looked up the publisher, and I don’t think it is a vanity press, but what I have read so far seems a little awkward. Not bad, but not quite “right.” I dunno. I am a little worried to read the rest of it because if he asks me a direct question about it I can’t lie.

That won’t be a problem for a while because I need to finish “Life After Life” before book group tomorrow night and I started “Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography,” which is really funny. Revealing? Probably not, but for someone who missed Doogie Howser because I was in college and not watching TV in my spare time then I haven’t seen “How I Met Your Mother” because I never started watching it, I guess I am an open slate when it comes to him, except that it is a great premise for a book. I am reading it straight through mostly because I don’t want to miss anything, but you can hop all over the place if you want. It has several places where if you make a bad decision he ends up working at Schlotzki’s Deli.

A young woman came into the library and was hanging around because she used to work there and didn’t have anything to do at home. It came out that she is really smart (most people who work in libraries are) and she said she would tutor my daughters in math. I am seriously thinking of taking her up on it. This homework thing takes a two hour chunk out of my night.

I am off to a soak in the tub with Ursula. G’night.