I had a lovely talk with a social worker today, then a deputy sheriff. You see, last month my ex had a close call with a DUI and open container and child endangerment and who knows what-all. A state trooper pulled him over because of a phone call another driver made. He had been drinking, but had the kids cover up the cooler and hide the empties so the cop would not see them. The cop looked at four kids in the pick-up with him and let him go.

They interviewed the kids at school today. The social worker said they are going to confront him. So my ex thinks I made the first call. I didn’t. He will be convinced I made the second call, which of course I did. The girls and I talked about it tonight.

They are sure the ex will scream at the kids about how awful I am and how great he is and that beer is mostly water for two-and-half hours on the way home, as he drinks beer. They are scared of him, and with some reason.

Now this is my question: how awful would it be of me to get a digital recorder to put in a backpack to record how he treats them? I would turn it over to a social worker Monday without even listening. Is that awful or just making sure the people who make decisions have the facts?