This morning I woke up with hives. The only other time I had hives was on the day of my last final in college. Surveying. My fingers swelled so big, I could hardly hold a pencil. I knew what I was doing in the class but the prof made me nervous, to the point of mentioning it to my advisor. He was hitting on me. My advisor took it all quite seriously until I told him who it was (his racquetball buddy). I came in just under the wire with exactly enough credits to graduate, and I got a C in surveying. Phew.

I have no pressing deadline now, just itchy lumps all over, mostly on my tummy, legs and arms. I called the nurse from our insurance and she said I could take Claritin. So I did.  I also have plans for a cool bath.

Tomorrow I will go with GD to the eye Dr to learn about Lasik surgery.  In college I misplaced my glasses, and I couldn’t find them.  I had to go door to door down the hall to find someone awake so she could walk into my room and hand me something that was in plain sight.  For those who have sight.  (my contacts were in solution and I couldn’t put them back in) You know the big E on the eye chart?  Yeah, I can’t even see the chart on the wall.