I have taken up a new hobby. I am learning to make balloon animals. Actually it is my underhanded way of not dealing with other people’s kids. This is how it works; at our church’s Easter party I bring my face paints and a mirror each year. Thus I am occupied and don’t have to try to come up with games or remember anyone’s kid’s name. I just sit there and paint whatever the kid wants. I can do tractors, spiders, mermaids, you name it. Balloon animals would work the same way. My first attempts at balloon animals have not always been recognizable. The kids were impressed at the “skateboard” I made. It was supposed to be a dog. In my defense, I think the head came undone. I also made an ugly floppy flower and a few other things. It is lots of fun!

We had some family pictures taken today. Our neighbor takes photos of horses…for a living, like race horses and at horse shows all over the place. She also does people. As usual we were in a rush, so we didn’t get a lot of different poses, but she can cut and paste hands and faces exceptionally well, for example taking GD‘s thumb out of Paul‘s crotch. We went to the local prairie (my idea, surprised?). After seeing the photos, she liked the grass better than she thought she would have. I like it a lot and I am paying for it. I think I will get together with the kids again and get some more taken. She didn’t really get one of Paul by himself but she got some good ones of Janie. Something about Jane is really photogenic. Mae was too much of a ham to get very good shot, and the best shot of Leo has him carrying a neon green swimming noodle that can’t be deleted very well.

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I stayed up last night cleaning the kitchen and watching “Flags of our Fathers.” It was really good. I recognized Edie’s husband (from “Desperate Housewives“). He took the second flag up the hill, I almost never recognize people when they change hair color or style or sometimes even their clothes. “Letters from Iwo Jima” is next on my list. I will have to sit down for that one, because I think most of it is subtitled.

The thing that annoys me the most about my word processing program is the quotes and the apostrophe. It nearly always puts them backwards, then I have to go through and fix them. For example the above example of “Desperate Housewives”. The parentheses throws it off and I “can‘t” get it to turn around. You will also notice “can’t“.” Why wrong once and right the second time? I can understand getting confused about putting the quotes inside the sentence, it doesn’t like that, but please explain can’t. I sure can’t. Especially now that it won’t put it wrong. Oh well.