I am in the middle of a busy next couple of weeks.  We had a family death, a tragic, violent one which looks like it might tear what is left of my husband’s family apart.  My SIL plans to have a mental health counselor talk to the family about grief and healthy ways do deal with it.  Please pray with me that she succeeds in diffusing or would that be defusing the vitriol that is currently being spewed everywhere.  That would of course be this weekend. 

Next weekend we leave for Disney World.  In the meantime we were planning to leave the gentlemen with my mother and stepfather while we vacation in the sun with the ladies.  My stepfather went camping several weeks ago and chopped wood, like he was 70 instead of nearly 80.  He hurt his shoulder.  After deciding the pain would not go away, he called his doctor.  The receptionist said he wasn’t in so she couldn’t make an appointment or some crazy thing.  He called back and said “I want an appointment to see my doctor.”  She gave him one for a few days down the road.  He went and the Dr said “You need an MRI, I will schedule one for a week from today and here is some Vicoden.  Have fun, and see you in a week.”  One week later he showed up and was unable to lie down on the table for any length of time due to the pain.  They decided he could have an anesthetic to cut the pain so he could lie back completely.  They scheduled an MRI for a week from the day and gave him 60 more Vicoden.  Yesterday he fasted from 5 pm the night before and showed up for his MRI at 2.  The receptionist gave him the proverbial paperwork to fill out (again, since they didn’t save it from the week before) and said, “I will let the guys back there explain the problem.”  The problem was the MRI was down and nobody bothered to call him to tell him he didn’t have to come in.  “We will schedule one for next week,” they said.  Here my mother lost it and demanded they schedule him sooner.  So as far as I know, my stepfather is under the ray as I type.  I pray he is anyway.  Mom says, “And we didn’t even have to go to Canada to get this kind of health care!”  He still has to have surgery to correct whatever the problem is.  I suppose that will be another week and more Vicoden.  I hope he feels up to little boy company.