My twentieth high school reunion is coming up this year.  I am in touch annually with four of the nearly 200 classmates I had.  That is about right for me.  Someone found me on Facebook a few months ago, and I have heard from several others since then including a guy I have no memory of, but I guess I went to school with him.  


I don’t use Facebook much.  I look at it from time to time, but I don’t really use it to  communicate with anyone.  There is just too much “stuff” there, I am always worried I will get a virus when someone blings me or whatever.  Anyway, back to my story. 


The person who found me is someone I would call a doctor’s kid.  Her dad might not have been a doctor, but she definitely belonged to the country club set. She would not have given me the time of day 20 years ago, and I would have avoided her if at all possible.  I am probably still a little offended from our last reunion.  I found out about it two weeks ahead of time.  “We didn’t know where to find you,” she said.  Well, my mom still works in the high school library, how hard did you try? 


Come to find out this gal is sick, as in probably deathly sick.  She posted a tongue-in-cheek something along the lines of “if I ever said something nasty to you, please forgive me so I can get over this disease” on her Facebook page.  Even in my darkest thoughts I never would wish that on anyone.  She is approaching her illness with humor, which has to help, but she is really sick.  I feel bad for her, I really do, but my only memories of her are the haughty snotty girl she was in high school.  I need to work on changing my perspective.


It is not easy to put away those old sentiments, the intense feelings and memories about the people who disdained you in high school.  Now they act like we were one big happy class.  (Obviously they went to a different high school.)  It would probably be easier if I lived in town and saw them more than once every ten years.  I am kind of looking forward to the reunion, not so I can re-connect with anyone, but I am interested to see where people ended up.  At the last reunion I kept getting mixed up because most of the doctor’s daughters had Princess Di haircuts.  I wish they would have kept their same hair styles and colors.  I guess that is why we get nametags.