What a mess!

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My house is such a mess right now.  I stick to the kitchen floor when I walk across it.   The kids are tracking in the first dirt of the season.  Leo doesn’t understand to close the screen door after himself, so the cats are tracking themselves in.  I run the dishwasher two times a day, and still can’t keep up.  The Dr said I can feed Paul real food now.  Great.  More dishes to wash.  (he’s such a big boy!)

Mt. Laundry is perched on my couch, and I am giving the kids skiing lessons on the bunny slope.  Mae is starting to catch on, we use the coffee table for a mogel.  I did manage to sort off the socks and undies today, as well as fold some sheets.  Paul has been needy all afternoon and evening.  He wants to be held, so here I am with him face down across my lap.  He cries when I put him down.  His new hobby is spitting up homemade cottage cheese on my floor.  Did I mention my floor is sticky?

The kids wanted to have a sleep over tonight.  I got out their sleeping bags and put them in the boys’ room.  Leo is using Janine’s old Barbie bag in his crib.  If anyone wonders what he might like for his birthday… Jane eventually got mad and went to her room and Mae is parked in front of Paul’s crib.  I guess that is fine, since it doesn’t look like he’ll be sleeping in it anyway.  I was an evil mom today and didn’t let the kids nap so Sayed and I could have our Thursday night date while the kids went to bed early.  How about that ending?  Grandpa Daddy said, “now I’m LOST!”

I overheard someone promising to buy their kid a fish at preschool today.  I jumped all over that and offered to bring one.  Now I only have three babies to get rid of.  Then I need to have the fish spayed or neutered.  Wonder which is cheaper, or more feasible.  Wonder which one is the daddy?  I still am not clear as to what happened.  The parents are spending an inordinate amount of time under the filter, where I think all of the nasty business takes place… but they don’t look a thing alike!  How can this be?  I guess I should have taken more genetics or maybe fishery classes in college, but who knew that it would come in handy?

Speaking of wildlife, Mae found where the snakes are coming into our house, or rather the crawl space.  She wanted to know if she could pick one up, I said, sure why not?  She didn’t get up the nerve.  She also wanted to kill one.  I suggested that she not do that, since outdoor snakes are good, but indoor snakes are bad.  My stepdad has graciously offered to help fix the problem next week.  I hope he doesn’t need any help, from what I saw, our whole basement could be a snake condo.

I spent the afternoon picking up sticks and branches from our 2006 ice storm.  You see it broke off the branches, but they got stuck in the trees, and now blow down from time to time.  I looked at each stick carefully to make sure it wasn’t a wiggly stick.  Eeew.

Off to bed, I hope.



GD told me that some old friends of his were coming to spend the night. He gave me one hour’s warning! I put the kids in the tub to contain them and then picked up the whole house. Phew. Betty is a lovely lady, but a clean-a-holic. Her floors are so clean you could eat off of them. You can eat off of my floors as well, but only because there is still food on them from previous meals.

Then GD asked me if I could fix supper for them. I said sure, but you are gonna have to do it, because the baby needs me, he’d been crying while I was cleaning. He kind of hinted around that I could fix it, since our friend was holding Paul, so I just went to sit in the living room. I had hamburgers ready to grill, and GD got some of those 100# of carrots from the freezer, then we had ice cream for dessert. He did just fine. He probably impressed our company as well.

I need to go to bed, but I have to brag a little first. I got the writing bug a few weeks ago, and entered several contests, with a variety of things. (The biggest reason I have this blog is to practice writing, and to do it on a regular basis.  I figure this is better than nothing) The results came back from the first contest, the one I felt the least confident about, but probably the one with the least competition, and I got third place, and $10 which will cover the entry fee, not counting postage…I altered my post about the first day I spent by myself with all for kids.

Night night

My Housekeeping

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I found the epitaph I want on my gravestone. It is from a book by David Laskin, called The Children’s Blizzard. He was describing a woman, Gro Rollag, who immigrated to America from Norway in 1873, “According to family lore, she was not the most conscientious housekeeper because ‘she preferred reading to housework.’” Wow, that was like looking into a mirror. It is even better than the Erasmus quote, “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.”

Here is an exact Me-quote from this week, “Go look on the couch for some panties, just move the clothes around, and if some fall on the floor, that’s ok.” I think part of the reason my house is usually trashed, is because I am interested in doing things.

Visiting a friend recently, I noticed her house was really picked up considering she has two pre-schoolers and a full time job. However, her only hobby is drinking beer on the deck. There is nothing wrong with that, but it really doesn’t make much of a mess, even if you do it every day for two hours. Try scrap booking for two hours a day on the dining room table, then picking up after yourself, or piecing a quilt, or sitting at the computer, writing. My opinion is that people with clean houses aren’t often very interesting.

I like to cook, and most of our meals are from scratch, even mac and cheese. The Schwan’s man actually dropped us because we weren’t buying enough from him. I like to read, I am currently in the middle of three books, and any number of magazines, I like to write, I am currently in the middle of six essays, and am doing reconnaissance for an attempt on a serious article about an ancestor of mine. I belong to two book groups. I scrap book, but not at home usually.

I fall into that category of people who have a hard time getting things done, because of perfectionism. Yes, my books are organized by the Dewey decimal system. Seriously, and the fiction is alphabetical by author. I think when the time comes to get a part time job, I will apply at the local library, and put the above information on my resume. I still just toss my children’s books at the shelf. So far.

I am a sucker for containers. I think to myself that if I get enough containers and systems going, I could conquer the world, or at least clean off the peninsula in my kitchen. I have to admit, my dirty laundry system is working pretty well, my four-year-old actually will sort her clothes into the different tubs I have set out, without me asking. She doesn’t always do it the way I do, but I can usually see her logic. My clean laundry system still needs some tweaking, maybe I just need one of those sectional couches.

My only other defense is that the TV stays off most all day in my house. We watch PBS over breakfast and lunch, and otherwise the TV collects dust. This goes a long way in explaining why my house is always trashed; my kids are actually doing things all day. In another of my procrastinational ploys, I made a chart displaying just why my house is a mess, I tried to add it in here, but the format didn’t match with Xanga’s, so I will try to describe it.  Picture the old X Y axis charts you remember from  Statistics 101.  The left side measures “Hours Children Spend Watching TV Daily” starting with 0 at the bottom and 12 at the top.  Across the bottom measures “State of the House” in increments of: Squalid Filthy Dirty Messy Untidy Cluttered Lived-in Tidy Clean Spotless Immaculate

You can imagine what my data line looks like with three kiddos who watch almost no TV.