Is one of the Village People an Internet Cable Repairman?


I discovered quite by accident that the YMCA has wireless available.  I would have known this earlier, but apparently I don’t exercise anymore.  Now I have a great excuse to visit the Y.  They also provide up to two hours of child care while I am there.  Here is my plan.  Get everyone ready for swim lessons early.  Pack them into the Y, drop them off and upload photos in the lobby, then get the ladies and take them to their lessons.  Whoo hoo! I took a bazillion photos in the last 48 hours, so brace yourselves.  I could possibly do the internet thing instead of watching the lessons, but I have a friend whose daughter has lessons at the same time, and I don’t get to see her often enough.  I am so psyched.  Does anyone say that any more?  Between Pike and Waterbabies, we will be at the Y three evenings a week for the next month.


Loosely related odds and ends


It nearly blew us away! Last night’s tornados hit the town 40 miles west of us and the town 20 miles east of us. Weirdly and fortunately, nobody has reported any injuries. Several properties sustained damage however. According to the paper, someone spotted a tornado right by where Grandpa Daddy works, but I guess it didn’t touch down. We had a tornado drill at home, since we don’t have a nice basement to go down into, but a creepy, snake infested, sand crawl space. *shudder* (We didn’t see any snakes so that was good, the foam seems to be working.) I practiced dropping the kids down there, and packed a laundry basket with dried fruit, diapers and some toys for playing in the sand. The drill went well. By the time the storm was close enough for us to actually go down into the crawl space, it had turned south and we never went down. I have the basket ready for next time.

We were a little concerned, since my step son lives in the town west of us. When we finally got ahold of him, we found out he had quit selling vacuum cleaners, moved and is now living with his daughter and girlfriend. We are happy that they are together now. He needs to see Joy grow up, and be a part of her life, however it would have been thoughtful to tell us that he had moved. I hope this is the answer to my prayers about their little family. Being in the same house is a start to being responsible – I hope. Personally I think his worst problem is that he let himself down, by getting Miranda pregnant. While none of the rest of us are impressed by this, (it’s not like she was the only unplanned baby in our family last year) we like the young lady and certainly don’t consider the birth of a baby to be a tragedy! Get over it and move on. He is currently working for a local railroad. Gainfully employed and with his family. Thank you God.

So the rain total for the last 8 days is 7.5 inches. Our garden was under water for the second time in a week, and most of our lawn was as well, you just can’t tell because the grass is tall. I hope I get a chance to mow it for the second time this weekend.  Our garden, see the tomato plants??  That is running water in the foreground.May 08-39

Last night the phone went out. I thought it had something to do with the weather, but it still is on the blink. I am supposed to clean the church this week, and I wanted to today, but I am stuck waiting for the phone guys to show up. I forgot to clean last time. They have three of us scheduled, so if someone can’t, then hopefully someone else will remember.

Our phone company has been threatening to dig in a cable so we can have fast internet. We keep getting propaganda in the bill about this particular service. When I called however, they said it would be a couple of years. Last summer I drafted a petition and had the neighbors sign it, mentioning that we are all interested in high speed internet through them. When I spoke to Doug the phone guy, about it he said he could move us up a few months into 2008. I confirmed the timetable again last week, still before the end of the year. Turns out he is the guy they sent to fix the phone today. In a thinly disguised bribe, I gave him a Netflix trial card. He asked me about Netflix for some odd reason, then bragged accidentally that he has high speed internet, and wants to watch movies on it. I kept my mouth shut and refrained from decking him. He also remembered being at our house two years ago and digging a Hershey’s kiss wrapper out of an unused phone jack. Thanks Jane. I am sure this all is very exciting to you folks, but I am nearly beside myself. I can’t wait to join the information age with the rest of the world. I love living in the country, and getting rid of dialup will be my last hurdle to happiness. Maybe. Well, you know, it will make my life easier.

I signed Jane up for pre-school today on the way to the church. She can ride a bus to pre-school, I just have to take her to the bus stop. The same one Mae goes to, but a different bus. My baby girl is growing up!