Nurse Mama


I am putting off doing one of my least favorite jobs as a mom.  I need to give Jane some cough medicine, but she won’t take it.  She fought with me last night, and finally threw it up.  It takes a lot of work to toss up 1/4 t of cough medicine.  As I type, she is muffling her cough in her blankets so I won’t hear her.  She has never like medicine, and has puked up more than her share.  Bribing with chocolate won’t help, and she won’t drink tea with honey either.  I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think she is Christian Scientist…Maybe I will try a cough drop this time. 

Strange bedfellows


  • 1 crook neck gourd
  • 1 hand mirror
  • 2 pretty pony dresses
  • 3 books 
  • 1 zebra
  • 1 pig
  • 1 cat 
  • 1 dog
  • 2 polarbears
  • 1 doll blanket
  • 4 baby blankets
  • a pillow, sheets and a comforter

 This is not a bed, it is a filing cabinet.

What crazy things do your kids sleep with?

Just wait until I am done with this


My first college roommate was a perfectionist, kind of the opposite of me. She used to say, “I just can’t wait until this biology test is over, then things will slow down.” When the biology test was over she moved on to another test in another subject, or maybe a lab project. We were in college, we were tested several times a month! Something is always coming up. Until you die. After you are dead, things get really different, at least that is what I hear!

I am done with my little directory, and it looks great. I sold a few ads then got it printed for free. That should help with our budget.

Now I am looking at helping with a haunted house for our booster club at Mae’s school. (Any scary ideas?) Yesterday I got a call from a fellow preschooler mom. She had just found out she was in charge of the Halloween party at school, and I had been nominated by default to help because I told them to use me where they needed me most. I am cool with that, but I suspect that nobody else signed up for the other parties. I told her I would bring a bowling game and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Leo is potty training, and doing a pretty good job at it. He suddenly grabs his crotch and hops up and down, we run to the bathroom and he does his thing then he gets a sticker. So far so good. He has peed on the floor a few times, but then who hasn’t?

Paul has a cold, his eyes are red and he acts sick. I am in the process of weaning him, so I hope he is getting the fluids he needs. He has yet to figure out the standard sippie cup. The one he will drink from he can make leak like a sieve when he wants, so I am trying a bottle. Nothing like starting a kid on a bottle two weeks before his first birthday. He’s smart, he will figure it out eventually. 

I sent Jane to the car for my wallet yesterday morning so I could send some money to help pay for the halloween party at school as requested.  (Little did I know.)  I like to quote the Go To Jail card in Monopoly, you know…”Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars” when I want promptness.  I told her I didn’t want her playing in the car, just to get my wallet and come back in.  Jane said, “I know Mama, I won’t “cowect” two hundred dollars.” 

The ramblings of a dial up blogger


I enjoyed my day at pre-school. We went to the fruit stand and got pumpkins, and got to see a fire truck. Lunch was hamburger stew, pears, biscuit and oj. Not too bad, they use “real” silverware at her school. The portions are quite a bit bigger than my kids would eat. My day brought to light some concerns about the program, so I will be researching it. I made the assumption that I would be happy with a school’s pre-school, but now I am not so sure. I like the teacher, she does a good job, but she is not in charge of her curriculum. We couldn’t visit last year, because it just opened this year. Ms. B said kindergarten teachers wanted kids to know how to write their names, tie their shoes and be familiar with numbers 1 through 10.

Mae is still working on the shoe thing. In soccer I have noticed that whenever you need an extra break, you can kick a shoe off and get an automatic time out while the coach re-ties it. Soccer 1-49

We have two more soccer games this fall. Mae is no natural athlete. I admit we need to practice more than we do. Maybe this weekend, if it isn’t too wet. These shots are from the first game, Mae is getting better at paying attention to the game, at least when she is in it. Her Uncle John plays soccer in Korea. I hope he pays more attention than she does. I am sure he can tie his own shoes, but maybe he doesn’t know how to get extra time outs.  Soccer 1-37

My husband and I learned to drive by helping our fathers feed the cattle. Starting at about age 6, we would steer the pickup while dad fed hay or whatever until dad (we didn’t have the same dad obviously, but I am assuming here that GD’s dad did the same thing) pounded on the roof, then we would slide under the dash and push the clutch onto the floor, effectively stopping the pickup. When we weren’t there to help, they used the seatbelt to steer somehow then they had to run and jump into the pickup to stop it. I have been telling GD that it is high time he taught the ladies to drive too. The last time I mentioned it, Jane said she would like to learn to drive, “then I could save you time and drive myself to the baby sitter.”

I am excited to see that they are fixing the bridge between our house and the bus stop. That will shave off 2 miles per trip, or six miles a day for you math fans!

Jane changed one of Leo’s poopy diapers last week. By herself. She was sure proud, and she did a pretty good job (at least as good as her father would have). I caught her in Paul’s crib several weeks ago after she changed his wet diaper. She told me she didn’t get it all stuck together, and I checked to see if he was wet, because subconsciously I didn’t believe her, and she said “I changed it!” Looks like I will soon be out of a job. I wish she would potty train Leo. I dread doing it. Soccer 1-08 Speaking of poop, I learned a lesson.  Don’t feed  your kids black refried beans and chips for a snack, healthy as it might sound.  It backfired on me, literally.  I had to change four poopy diapers before 9 this morning!

I am waiting for two more photos to upload, so I am going to keep on writing. If this seems dull, just think of the things I have deleted!  Paul loves his Oreos!

Soccer 1-13 Leo loves trailers and things that hook to things.  He is using the sled to haul around his toys and his sisters.  Paul is going to have to arm wrestle him to have the use of the walking thing when he starts walking.

Leo and I have been reading Fox in Socks. I am getting to where I can read it quite quickly, as it should be read. My favorite line is, (from memory, so it might be a little off) “I don’t like this trick sir, my tongue isn’t quick or slick sir.” It just seems appropriate this time of the year. That Seuss was a smart guy.

Ho we are on the last picture! I haven’t heard from the fast internet phone guy, I was hoping for yet this year, but we are almost out of months. I don’t even want to call him.  It is taking over 15 minutes per photo. 

GD came home this week with the news that his company is sending us on a Caribbean  cruise/meeting. Last time we did this, I came home pregnant with Paul. That won’t be happening again, so we‘ll have to look for other entertainment opportunities. I am really excited about trying scuba diving again. I am also excited about the food. I love to eat, especially things I didn’t cook and don‘t have to clean up. I plan to be in training from now until Feb so I can be skinny enough to really enjoy the food. Our waiter promised we would gain 5 lbs in 3 days. I beat that, but then I was pregnant too, never mind that it was only a few hours pregnant. I bought myself two souvenirs last time, a flamingo shirt and a cookbook from the cruise line.

Dad is coming for a night this weekend. I might have to get out my cookbook and try something new.

I spent most of that last 15 minutes cutting things out and editing, so consider yourself lucky.


Today only


This would be my fair Janie!  Of course we didn’t get a paper today since our carrier is new and didn’t know that we ordered the paper or whatever.  I have been on the phone to the circulation desk twice today.  I guess they will mail me a copy, and credit us for Monday and Tuesday.  Did anything happen those days?  I got Wednesday’s paper, but not today’s.  I plan to give the circulation desk a copy of a county road map, maybe they don’t know they are available.




I managed to make it to the library alone yesterday.  I was so hungry for books, I found five for myself in about as many minutes.  I have a huge master list of books to read, and all of them were on it.  I spent some time on the catalog, and it looks like I need to ask them to get some on interlibrary loan. I managed to find five for the kids too.  To my surprise, I didn’t owe anything on Cry, the Beloved Country.  They must have goofed up.  Coincidentally, Smithsonian has a large article about South Africa this month.  I never knew much about it, except when I was in high school, the late 80s, I knew they were going through all kinds of changes. 

Today I finished Freakonomics.  Wow.  Back in the olden days, when I had a paying job, ha ha ha, I worked with a guy who loved to debate.  We went around an around, it was great.  I kinda miss him.  I emailed him at work today to tell him to read this book.  We could have argued for a year on it!  If you have not read it, I found it very thought provoking.

Four to go now.  I think I will go for fiction.  I think I got a fiction book…I kind of go in phases.  I don’t think of myself as a non-fiction reader, but about a third or so of what I read is non-fiction, maybe more.  I looked longingly at some Gabaldon stuff, her shorter stuff, like 4-500 pages, but it was on the two week checkout, and I don’t dare.

I went on Jane’s field trip to the G g grocery store yesterday.  It was a nice tour.  I could never teach pre-school, but Mrs. Z is awesome.  Today Miss C, from the educational service unit, came out for a “play date” with Jane to evaluate her.  Mae was distressed that nobody wanted to play with her on the playdate.  Miss C asked me if Leo was a neighbor’s kid I was watching.  Jane did many of the things that have concerned me, so I guess we shall see.  I expect she is just “weird” as her daddy lovingly calls her, but I want to know for sure.  The tests from the Dr came back negative for lead and iron issues.  I doubt they tested for glyphosate, but the way she mouths everything – including the rocks she picks up in the McDonald’s parking lot – that may be a concern.  I was glad to note that our off brand trains didn’t have lead paint. 

Jane’s Birthday


Jane got all four of her candles blown out today! She shares a birthday with a young man she calls The Cowboy, so we mothers decided to celebrate together. The Cowboy wanted a cowboy themed party, and Jane wanted a mermaid party, so we did it. Since we have the horse, I cleaned out the garage and set up some hay bales with blankets over them for seats. I had one of my wonderful neighbors come over to help frost the cake, and I am quite proud of it, although I don’t think I will be going into business any time soon. She did the white stuff, and I did the decorations. We bought a $1 doll at the grocery and cut off her legs. I used two and a half cake mixes.

Jane's cake

We invited all nine of Jane’s class mates, in the hopes that half could come. Only four RSVPed, so that worked out well. I didn’t include directions to our house, so they would have to call if they were coming! I guess that makes twelve birthday aged kids, Leo, two babies and two older siblings. I would not have been able to do it in my house, but the garage worked well. (We have a special kind of mud out here which makes permanent stains.) Even though the wind was bitter cold, the weather has been warm enough to melt the snow the past few days. In fact, the kids made a mud pie on the sidewalk yesterday, then came in complaining of freezing to death. It is February you know.

Unfortunately, it was too cold to ride Prairie-horse, so we went out to look at a baby calf instead. The poor thing got the petting of a lifetime.

Calf John Deere

I don’t do well with organized games and such, so the kids kind of played on our big wheels and trikes and the red and yellow car. They had a blast. I got out the face paints and most everyone went home with something or another. Oh to be four again…

He Did it Again



Well, as we all know our good friend the drunk driver/daddy has been arrested three times in two weeks. daddy-of-the-year Can he keep up this grueling pace? Apparently so! This time he learned his lesson, he went to the next county to do his drinking, and got arrested there instead. I am no lawyer, but why don’t they impound this clown’s car? He has court on Wednesday at 2. I wonder if I should get a sitter? I am friends with the reporters who are covering this case. Friday, one told me if he did it again, our town would probably make late night TV “dumb hick Nebraskans who drive drunk.” I guess tonight at 10:30 I will be watching…

I took Jane to the Dr today, to see if he had any insight as to why she puts everything in her mouth. He had some blood drawn, it looked like about ¼ cup. They are going to test for lead among other things. She flinched, but she never cried or anything. He said she doesn’t appear to have autism, but he did ask about ADD or ADHD in the family. I said, you mean besides her father? (this would be the undiagnosed/self medicated kind) Following is a list of things that she has had in her mouth over the course of a week. She doesn’t eat most of them, with the exception of the toothpaste and the erasers.  Also keep in mind that she is gonna be 4 Sunday.


Pencil erasers (we have none in the house, she ate them all)

Barbie hands and feet



Metal trim on Home Depot’s check out counter

Metal folding chair

Foam, including puzzle pieces and shoes


Tub toys


Clean toilet paper

Great Grandma’s antique pillow

Wooden table

Rocks from McDonald’s parking lot

Makeup brushes and blusher (I think she ate some of the makeup)

About two feet of a rubber strap mom used for rehabilitation when she broke her shoulder

And in the pickup last night, we watched her lick the bottom of her sister’s boot.

Today I heard her say, “Simon says lick the wall.” Sadly, her big sister did it.

Mom is coming later this afternoon.  She and my stepdad are on their way home from building casitas in Nuevo Progreso, MX.  They have done that for several years, and like to help alleviate a little of the poverty down there.  I am excited to see her.