Two Family Traditions


I did nothing to instigate this I just heard, “Mom, look at me!”  This particular talent comes from Mom’s side of the family, and you can see who is the professional. 

DSC02880 DSC02881 DSC02882 DSC02883

This is my Mother’s Day parade.  They held it early because I wanted to plant the flowers that were on the float.


Get it? 


Quote of the day


I couldn’t confirm it on the internet, but my minister told me Phyllis Diller said this: “I hated to drink in front of the children, but when they weren’t around, I didn’t need to.”

I did get to scrapbook.  My friends do it at the Country Club, where they offered a $17 buffet last night.  I stuck to the salad bar and probably spent nearly as much.  I managed to get 13 pages done, but some of them are pretty plain.  I may doctor them up later.  I had sorted out my photos ahead of time and made baggies of about 20 “pages” that were ready to go.  Not having to sort through pictures made the whole process go a lot faster.

Now in honor of cleaning my house this morning, another Diller quote:  “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.”

Trick or Treat!


We attended a Halloween birthday party last weekend.  I think this is the last year I will be able to get Paul in pantyhose.  Too bad he wouldn’t have anything to do with the hard hat.


I love electrical tape.


Jane as a Gypsy…


Mae just wants to have fu-un!


Parental warning

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Mom and Dad, this contains a picture of your wedding.  Just a warning. 


Something old….


Something new. 


Jane wanted to be a bride for Halloween, so we found her a used veil (mom’s) and a dress from Goodwill. 

For the Kiwanis Kids’ Parade, we dressed Mae as her bride’s maid, Leo as the groom.  Jane suggested Paul could be a fat angel-baby, so we gave him some Tinkerbell wings, and a bow and arrow.  I tied some old shoes to drag behind the wagon.  We didn’t win, but we should have.


In other news, I have a new favorite word.  mondegreen (n)

Basically it is when you misunderstand the lyrics of a song, or a phrase.  The example uses is “I lead a pigeon to the flag,” rather than, “I pledge alligance to the flag.”

I took the opportunity to look up a phrase from Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light” that has always puzzled me.  I was relieved that it was actually the word “deuce” and the phrase still made no sense to me. 



Your basic update on my kids

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I had a baby on a Thursday morning (obviously a few months ago). The ladies go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the teacher sends home notes in their back packs to keep me in the know. Our neighbor helpfully took the kids to school that Thursday. Paul and I came home from the hospital on Saturday evening. When Tuesday rolled around again, the neighbor offered to take the ladies to school again, and I let her. I sent them off with their coats and back packs. As is my habit, I looked in each back pack when they came home, and found a note that had come home on the previous Thursday informing me that Jane would have show and tell Tuesday. Oops. I asked Jane what she did, and she pointed to the ponytail holder with a jingle bell attached that has been riding around in the bottom of her back pack for months. Later Mrs. Z said she did a great job describing it, and demonstrating the bell.

This time, she took Paul. Mrs. Z did an awesome job getting her to tell about the baby. When she asked what the baby eats, Jane said “Nummies” which of course means both breast and breast milk at our house. Paul behaved himself well, he smiled when called upon and did not cry. He even let the other kids hold him a little.

We spoke with the lady who evaluated Jane the other day. She said her language development is on schedule. I guess for some reason, she is just hard to understand. I don’t have too many problems, but others do. She continues speaking while inhaling, (can you do that?) so the lady suggested visiting an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to see if maybe something was blocking her vocal cords. I remember even at four months, she sounded like a baby pheasant. The last time she visited an ENT, he pulled an enormous gob of foam out of her nose. Our Dr ran blood tests as well and said her lead levels and iron levels are normal. Abnormalities would be indicators of pica. I guess it is a relief to know that Grandpa Daddy’s calling her Weirdo (in a kind way) is justified. I haven’t made a decision about the ENT. It might just be that she does her own thing in her own way. Maybe I will ask our Dr for his opinion when we take Paul for his (*gasp*) six month checkup next week. How can he be that old?

Jane picked all of my daffodils a couple of weeks ago, right before we traveled west. Then last week, she picked all of my tulips. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I know why she is doing it, she wants a bouquet like a “wedding bride”. I guess our iris plants don’t do much, so they are safe.

Mae taught herself to read. We have been paging through Dick and Jane for the past two or three weeks, sounding out words, then last night GD came home from voting with a sticker that had a V that looked like a checkmark and said Nebraskans Vote. Mae said “That says vote” then she and GD sounded out Nebraskans. She blows me away. I stand in awe of my daughter, and I feel sorry for her Kindergarten teacher this fall! The principal said they work at keeping the kids with others at the same reading and math levels. This will probably mean Mae will be reading with the first graders, and maybe doing math there too, miss “I can look at my fingers to add numbers”. (I still look at my fingers to add numbers.)

Leo has some vocabulary quirks. He can’t say dog or cat, but he can say Bob the Builder (badabulda) and Firefighter (fififirefire) and Schoolbus (poobah). He also tells knock knock jokes, which nobody else understands. Usually they involve “knock knock,” “who’s there?” “Knock knock” etc.

Paul is smiley and happy and spits up all the time.  That is about it for him, no awesome rollovers or even sitting up by himself, although we do his baby calithenics.  While on his back we practice running, walking, kicking, boxing and clapping, then we do three sit ups and then we practice rolling over once from back to front.  This is a vigiorous workout for a baby!

I hate naptime on nice days. Leo needs one everyday, and the ladies need one today too, but I would rather be outside having fun with them right now. Then this evening we have to go to a rehearsal for Saturday’s dance recital, so when they get up we will have to hustle to get a sitter for Leo then off to town, with not enough time to play.