Snow Days


Sunday Leo told the minister about the pond he dug in his front yard and that he built bridges and dams and got his cows stuck and went on for an uncomfortable amount of time during the children’s sermon. The minister was most impressed that he had a pond in the front yard. I have a spot in my flower garden which gets no sun. I could plant impatiens there or I could let the gentlemen dig.

Leo and Paul’s mud hole Monday.    


Leo and Paul’s mud hole Tuesday.


After three dire warnings of blizzards this winter which amounted to about 2 inches of snow total we finally got hit. We got 11 inches, and about an inch or so of moisture. The kids got two days off from school, and I even got a snow day! Eleven inches of snow in November will probably be around in March. Eleven inches in April is great, and we need the moisture so bad. The second day I left Ed in charge, and I worked from 10-8. The kids left the house at 8:30 with their sleds. Ed said they stayed in the park for a couple of hours. I was delighted that everyone was still speaking to each other at the end of 10 hours together and the house was not noticeably worse that when I left.



This is the back yard halfway through the storm.

We live across the street from a seven acre or maybe ten acre park. It has a baby hill for timid sledders and a great hill known as “Suicide Hill” which it probably would be on a bike, but it is perfect for sledding. Everyone in town drives over here to sled.

Last Wednesday Paul built garages in Grandma and Papa’s alley.


I was so proud of myself last weekend. I am trying to get some native stuff to grow in the alley instead of the hollyhocks and bulbs that tend to look ragged as the summer goes on. I have several grass clumps out there, (side oats grama, little bluestem, switchgrass) you can see them in the background of the kids in the snow (and some asters I still plan to kill). I found some seeds from my very favoritest flower of all time ever, scarlet globemallow.

I have had no luck getting the darn plant to grow in the past, but now I have the right soil, so I have been watering my seedbed and watching the water drain down the alley.  I got my hoe out and started some gravity irrigation. I am gonna have to build up my dam every Wednesday after the garbage truck smooshes it, but otherwise it should work okay for a couple of years until everything is ready to survive on rain (or the lack thereof around here).


What the…?


As we went to swimming lessons Monday at the Y, we saw a soldier in uniform.  Leo looked on in awe.  I noticed the soldier giving him a similar look, so I, too looked at Leo in his “Darth Mader” Halloween costume and cowboy boots.  I still don’t know why the soldier was looking at him like that.

I broke down and bought the trilogy of the first Star Wars movies.  Duh Duh duh duh duh DUH duh.  Did you ever notice that those movies took place in the past?  I guess they made the galaxy safe for us today.  Thanks guys!

I need to go to bed, but here I am blogging.


I shipped the gentlemen off to the sitter today and I cleaned the office.  I balanced two checkbooks and put away stuff all day long.  Phew.  The best part was nobody was taking apart the rest of the house while I cleaned and filed.  I just have one box left full of that stuff that accumulates on the kitchen counter from oh, either Thanksgiving or Christmas when I just shoved it in a box for later while cleaning.  I refuse to have Easter here.  You know, I had Easter here last year, making it pretty much me for all three “family” holidays last year.  What a dope am I!  Just kidding.  My SIL moved into a real house so she can start hosting us.  And as for Thanksgiving, I spent most of the prep-time in the emergency room, so I might have to let my SIL claim that one, since she was in my kitchen getting things ready.

For various reasons I have watched a lot of movies lately, both at home and in the theater.  I went to the theater three weeks in a row, and that has never happened, ever.  Ever.  I really liked Up in the Air.  It was nice to see George with a love interest of the same generation.  I watched We Are Marshall.  That was great on so many levels, it had my main squeeze, Matthew McConnoughy (I refuse to learn to spell that until he actually proposes) and Jack from Lost, and January Jones from Mad Men and best of all, Lovejoy!  I had to look him up on wikipedia to be sure, but by golly it was him.  It was like a weird reunion.

I realized that Leo’s toes are doing something weird, after a little investigation I discovered that his shoes are too small.  Bummer, he really likes the Transformers on them, even though he has never watched the show.  While trying to find something in the hand-me-down stuff I found a brand new pair of shoes (bought for a few bucks on clearance and stashed in the hopes that I would remember them in time) that fit Paul who is also ready for new shoes.  Currently Leo is wearing his sister’s black cowboy boots which are a size too big. We will just double sock him and call it good until I get to the store.

I have MOPS tomorrow, I am so glad.  I have been all alone out here all winter it seems. 

1977 all over again


I hit the post Halloween sales to see if I could find some boy’s dress up clothes for Leo.  The only costume I could find near his size was Darth Vader.  Leo fell in love with it, cape and all.  So I had to rent Star Wars so he could see who Darth Vader was.  You know that was a great movie, and it still is.  Well, Leo wore the costume most of Tuesday and he insisted on wearing it to bed, except the cape.  He wore it all day yesterday (but not to bed) then he handed it to me first thing this morning.  Have I gotten my $5 out of it yet?  By the way, Star Wars has been playing on a constant loop.


I submitted my story for the 24 hour contest.  I hope it was original.  It was hard for me to determine what route other writers would take, so I could be original.  I guess we shall see.  I am pretty happy with what I turned in.  I also promised myself I would start going to bed earlier.  It is after 11 now…

Leo and his new “spicy” hair-do.  Sadly, my son uses more hair product than  I do.  I spiked Paul’s hair, just a wisp and the stuff stayed up all day.  Reminded me of “There’s Something About Mary.”


Since the weather has been nice until this weekend, we have been eating outside.  Drawback: I have to catch four cats and stuff them into the shop so they won’t bug us while we eat.  Benefit: We can let the cats loose to eat all the food Paul tossed on the deck instead of scraping it off of the kitchen floor.

Jane has decided that she likes to dress in layers.  Often times I will discover she wore her swimming suit under her clothes to school.  She is also famous for wearing two shirts and even a skirt with jeans.  The weather was about 70 when I took this picture.


The artist takes a break.


Don’t you wish you had this on your sidewalk?

These are the little planter things I got for my wildflower seeds.  These are the Scarlet Globemallow if you can’t tell.  I will take a photo after they sprout too.   Looks like I should have enough to give away to some friends.



The last baby came today


I am sitting out here on the deck waiting for our last heifer to have her baby.  She is in the middle of labor.  I put up an umbrella at the picnic table so there isn’t any sun glare on the screen, I can sit outside and write while the kids play.  Love the wireless. I don’t see how I can possibly keep the boys out of my deck plants this year, but I guess I will try.  We have a perfectly good sandbox for them to use, if they just would, or they could at least play with the mud in the yard.


In other news, I did something shameful today.  I am going to admit it here then deny it from here on out.  I bought something at Walmart.  I paid in cash, so there is no proof, but they are the only ones who carry what I wanted.  You see, when I had Mae in 2002 I got a box of baby wipes as a gift.  I really liked the box, it had a big hole to get the wipe out without having to pretend that the single wipe dispenser thing actually worked, yet you didn’t have to take the whole darn top off.  After searching all over town for another I realized it came from Walmart.  I had a gift card so I bought myself a second one.  Then I bought a Huggies box to keep at the sitter’s place and I ended up with a Pampers box as well.  All four are still in existence, but the Walmart ones are wearing out fast.  They look like plastic boxes that have been opened and closed several times a day for the last seven years.  They have been patched with packing tape but they are not long for this life.  I decided that since I have at least two more years of changing pants I could afford to splurge and get myself two replacement boxes.  The design changed slightly, but I still like it.   


I think this cow needs a birthing ball or something.  She is up, she is down, she is on her side, she is walking around…she just wants some….something.  We do have a little hoof peeking out though.


Speaking of peeking…we went to Radio Shack today, the gentlemen and I.  I was looking at phones because our answering machine is fried (about 12 years old) and I thought I would get a phone/machine thing so instead of having a phone and a machine on the counter I would have one thing.  Well, the boys were admiring the merchandise, as boys are wont to.  But they were really pretty well behaved. 

****Break to look at the new baby,

when he came he came fast****

Leo got out his teddy bear and it looked like he was trying to put it in his pants.  I went over to stop that and noticed that his pants looked a little, well, poochy in places.  I peeked down the front and saw that one side of his Pullups had come undone and his underwear were pretty much dangling from one hip.  I told him we would fix that in a little bit.  I turned back to pay for my purchase and Leo whipped his pants down, Pullups and all.  I couldn’t help myself I was laughing so hard.  The two guys in the store looked at each other in shock then the manager said, “That is a new one.”  I don’t suppose we are welcome back.


The cow is going to be a good mama.  Motherhood doesn’t always come naturally.


The picture was at about one minute old. 

The first video was at about 20 minutes old. As you can hear, I have a whole yard full of kids.


The second video was at about half an hour or maybe a little older.  These little guys are go-getters. 

Another unsolved mystery

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We broke through a wall today.  We have been pushing against it for over a month.  Leo is potty training.  We have learned that if he is naked from the waist down, he uses the potty.  If he is wearing cotton training pants, Bob the Builder big-boy underwear, a pull-up or even just pants, he will tinkle in them.  When a guy stopped to ask if he could hunt on the place across the road from us, Leo was running around in the livingroom with just a tee-shirt and socks on. 


I decided to give up on diapers entirely this weekend, so I have been traveling with a spare pair of training pants, socks, pants and plastic bag.  Today, Leo came to me and announced that he had to tinkle, and sure enough, he pulled down his training pants and proceeded to pee all over the underside of the toilet seat.  Seriously, how do they tinkle up when the darn thing is pointed down?  We even had a floating Cheerio for a target!  We will have to get some training on aiming.


Okay, as I was looking for a funny book to put on my Xangazon thing, (and I did find one…although I am left wondering what exactly is under the flaps) I noted that they have 408 books on potty training.  *Note to self, don’t try to publish a potty training book any time soon.





I have got problems (just little ones)


 Leo loves my little village.  He twisted a lamppost then beheaded a windmill and a tree.  It all comes down after the next casualty.  It is not an expensive village, just resin, but I like it because it is small, so I can have lots of houses.  It is hard to find accessories to scale without looking at railroad stuff, even the stuff from this outfit is way off.  You can see the dump by the light.


Jane came home from pre-school with gifts for us.  Then she opened them.  She is four.  Almost five.

I have all of my gifts wrapped and prettified with ribbons etc.  They are in a big box in my room, although I would love to put them under the tree.  I don’t dare between a four-year-old who should know better and a 2.5 year-old who has very little self control and a one-year-old who probably remembers opening his birthday presents.  I hate to waste such prettiness.  I am thinking I will pile the gifts on my bed.  I have a bed in my livingroom.  Seriously, it works.  I put the nativity set up there (which you can’t see), and I could surround it with gifts.  I don’t know, that will probably be too much.  Mom says it looks like we run an orphanage with all of our stockings. lol


Mae or Jane took this photo.  I bragged to mom that I had gone through my closet and gotten rid of a lot of stuff.  She then proceeded to find three things in her closet for me.  I sent two to the YWCA career closet and kept the third, a Stewart plaid kilt she got in England in 1980.  I am allergic to wool, so I need to get a slip thing to keep me away from the waist band.  Thanks to support hose, I fit in it.  *Note to self, don’t let anyone shorter than you take your picture while you are standing.

Leo tinkled on the potty today.  Not in it, but he was on; it just went all over the floor because I was getting him the seat with the back stop thing while he did it.  He would prefer to wear a diaper to tinkle into, but I wouldn’t let him.  I even gave him a Donald sticker for tinkling all over my floor.  He runs around the house bottom-less these days.  He started today with training pants and Bob the Builder underwear over them.  Don’t ask why, I will never tell you.  After he wet those, I just let him run around nude.  No photo of that today.

In other news, we are getting lightning, thunder and sleet pellets for weather as I type.  Of course they postponed Jane’s program from tonight until Monday at 7.  Mae’s program is Monday at 7:30,  20 miles away from Jane’s.  We are going to have to divide our forces to conquer all the festivities.

I let the kids decorate the tree.  (Not a cedar!!) They ended up hanging ornaments on the light strings.  Not safe, but really cute.


Doesn’t this tree need gifts?

New Moon.

Man she is a whiny teen-ager.  The first interesting thing happened around page 240, then she goes off with the wrong guy.  Is that what true love is like?  I dunno, this might be my last adventure with Bella.  The two guy thing isn’t nearly as compelling as Evanovich makes Morelli and Ranger…who is of course the right guy.

Just wait until I am done with this


My first college roommate was a perfectionist, kind of the opposite of me. She used to say, “I just can’t wait until this biology test is over, then things will slow down.” When the biology test was over she moved on to another test in another subject, or maybe a lab project. We were in college, we were tested several times a month! Something is always coming up. Until you die. After you are dead, things get really different, at least that is what I hear!

I am done with my little directory, and it looks great. I sold a few ads then got it printed for free. That should help with our budget.

Now I am looking at helping with a haunted house for our booster club at Mae’s school. (Any scary ideas?) Yesterday I got a call from a fellow preschooler mom. She had just found out she was in charge of the Halloween party at school, and I had been nominated by default to help because I told them to use me where they needed me most. I am cool with that, but I suspect that nobody else signed up for the other parties. I told her I would bring a bowling game and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Leo is potty training, and doing a pretty good job at it. He suddenly grabs his crotch and hops up and down, we run to the bathroom and he does his thing then he gets a sticker. So far so good. He has peed on the floor a few times, but then who hasn’t?

Paul has a cold, his eyes are red and he acts sick. I am in the process of weaning him, so I hope he is getting the fluids he needs. He has yet to figure out the standard sippie cup. The one he will drink from he can make leak like a sieve when he wants, so I am trying a bottle. Nothing like starting a kid on a bottle two weeks before his first birthday. He’s smart, he will figure it out eventually. 

I sent Jane to the car for my wallet yesterday morning so I could send some money to help pay for the halloween party at school as requested.  (Little did I know.)  I like to quote the Go To Jail card in Monopoly, you know…”Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars” when I want promptness.  I told her I didn’t want her playing in the car, just to get my wallet and come back in.  Jane said, “I know Mama, I won’t “cowect” two hundred dollars.” 

Birthday cake


B day-5  

Cool huh?  I used yellow frosting to stick a pound cake and a bunch of junk food together.  (Not an original idea)  Leo was very excited to eat the loader attachment.

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