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I spent untold hours (at least one anyway) filling out paperwork so my oldest three children can attend school. Of course I found misspellings in the handout from the principle (oh yeah that should be principAl) actually she used an apostrophe in a plural word. Still irritating coming from someone who has a master’s degree in education.

I cried a little when I dropped off Leo. He is such a little guy, barely 5 but he can tie his shoes and write his name backwards and that is more than some of those kids can do, I reckon. He also knows what a quorum is and can count by 2-and-a-halves, so he really hasn’t much more to learn.

I am craving adult company today, so I am enjoying a glass of my favorite wine (available at Walgreen’s and other fine retailers). And you, my friends, are the adults.

In an effort to maintain some semblance of sanity I implemented a multi-part after-school plan. The kids are to empty their own backpacks and sort things into “Mom needs to look at tonight” and “Mom needs to throw away eventually” immediately upon entering the house. I am hoping this will alleviate the last minute birthday party emergencies. I also gave out chore sheets. I don’t have much optimism on that front, although they did empty and load the dishwasher tonight. I also downloaded a calender on my phone that I believe can keep up with my work schedule. I get confused as to when I am supposed to show up for work, going so far as to show up an hour early one day last week and not realizing it until lunch. They let me take a two hour lunch so it worked out okay, but I felt kinda dumb.

Mae will be seeing an orthodontist this fall. And probably well into highschool. Prior to breeding with someone else, one should think carefully about the chosen’s dental history. Between the crowding on my side of the family and the buck teeth on his, when you add in her thumb habit she really didn’t have a chance. I told her she could choose college or braces. I think she knew I was joking. I think I was joking. They do a good job, they did Miss America’s teeth and we all know she has a winning smile.

I guess I better go investigate the kitchen and throw in another load of laundry.


Just wait until I am done with this


My first college roommate was a perfectionist, kind of the opposite of me. She used to say, “I just can’t wait until this biology test is over, then things will slow down.” When the biology test was over she moved on to another test in another subject, or maybe a lab project. We were in college, we were tested several times a month! Something is always coming up. Until you die. After you are dead, things get really different, at least that is what I hear!

I am done with my little directory, and it looks great. I sold a few ads then got it printed for free. That should help with our budget.

Now I am looking at helping with a haunted house for our booster club at Mae’s school. (Any scary ideas?) Yesterday I got a call from a fellow preschooler mom. She had just found out she was in charge of the Halloween party at school, and I had been nominated by default to help because I told them to use me where they needed me most. I am cool with that, but I suspect that nobody else signed up for the other parties. I told her I would bring a bowling game and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Leo is potty training, and doing a pretty good job at it. He suddenly grabs his crotch and hops up and down, we run to the bathroom and he does his thing then he gets a sticker. So far so good. He has peed on the floor a few times, but then who hasn’t?

Paul has a cold, his eyes are red and he acts sick. I am in the process of weaning him, so I hope he is getting the fluids he needs. He has yet to figure out the standard sippie cup. The one he will drink from he can make leak like a sieve when he wants, so I am trying a bottle. Nothing like starting a kid on a bottle two weeks before his first birthday. He’s smart, he will figure it out eventually. 

I sent Jane to the car for my wallet yesterday morning so I could send some money to help pay for the halloween party at school as requested.  (Little did I know.)  I like to quote the Go To Jail card in Monopoly, you know…”Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars” when I want promptness.  I told her I didn’t want her playing in the car, just to get my wallet and come back in.  Jane said, “I know Mama, I won’t “cowect” two hundred dollars.” 

Birds and Horses

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This is the weirdest time of year to read the paper. The local newspaper is full of news about birds and horses. We have massive amounts of sand hills cranes that migrate through each year at this time, so people from all over come to see them. I won’t pass judgment, I can’t tell birds apart, but it must be exciting for those who can. I can tell grass and wildflower species apart, and can identify butterflies and bugs pretty well, but you don’t often come across a collection of pressed birds like you do plants and insects (well bugs are technically pinned – but they are stationary). I guess they discontinued that sometime after Mr. JJ Audubon did his paintings.

Speaking of birds, I can recognize a few. I sat watching a Bald Eagle for about five minutes last week. He wasn’t having any luck looking for lunch. He was up there just soaring and swooping over the crick. They are majestic creatures.

On to horses. We have a race track here, so the sports section is full of articles like “Sweetime First a surprise feature winner” or my favorite, “Ogaraul Stakes highlight Saturday card at Fonner”. I live here and I don’t even understand that! I am not much of a gambler. I only make it about once every other year, and then I take about $20 and spread it out on long shots. When I win, it will be big. The ladies have been asking to go, so maybe if tomorrow isn’t too cold we will blow a 20.

The ladies want to take Prairie Horse out to Fonner Park to race. They have a childlike faith that our 20 year-old overweight mare will be able to shine amongst the fillies. She does need a good currying and some miles put on her. I pretty much have to hire a sitter when I go to do anything with her, because even though she is really tame, you can’t fault her for getting nervous with three kids bouncing all over the place. That doesn’t even count the one who can’t bounce.

I did something yesterday for the first time that most everyone my age and older has done. I got the finale of MASH on Netflix and watched it. I was grounded for some reason when it aired, and I wasn’t allowed to watch it. Mom tried to tape it, but it didn’t work. It made me cry, but I am glad I watched it.

We moved my niece in today. Ann found a lovely apartment, with a cute guy across the hall, and a view of the pool from her living room. I am gonna get her binoculars for her housewarming gift…I am so excited to have more family in town.

Cheap thrills


Today I dropped Leo off at the sitter, because I knew I would be waiting at the Ford place for quite a while, and didn’t want to do it with a one-and-a-half-year-old boy.  The ladies behaved themselves quite well.  We also had to run to the Dr to get another blood draw.  They said Jane’s was the fourth sample the big hospital had lost in a month.  I told them to send a note along that they didn’t want to draw again from a four-year-old, so don’t loose the sample this time!  She was still brave, but she cried this time.  I felt so bad.  The Ford guy said he would find me a Windstar to take to the Dr while we were waiting.  I asked for something more sporty…they declined to give me the Mustang convertible (it was snowing), but I did get a four door Pontiac.  It worked for me!  Jane thought we were going to keep the car, and informed me that she loved our van.  Let’s face it, the girl has horrible taste.

I got home just in time to give a contractor a tour of the mold in our house.  He said we need to do something about it.  He also showed me other places that were wet and not yet moldy.  Sounds expensive.  Grandpa Daddy is diametrically opposed to paying someone to do what he could, but he gave me a grudging go-ahead.  He has been really busy between his day job and getting cornstalks fenced so he can move the cattle closer to home for calving and then watching our heifers.  We had another calf today, still no Longhorns.  It is so cold, and the mama is naive, so he got the ends of his little ears frozen.  She was sitting down wind of the calf, instead of protecting him.  GD also managed to put his thumb on the wrong end of a quickly moving cow foot, so he can hardly move his right hand.  He has actually been taking pain pills for it.

I made cinnamon rolls today, the best ones I have ever made.  Back in the old days, when I worked in an office, my secretary’s mil would bring in cinnamon rolls a few times a year.  She made the bestest ones ever.  No chewing was involved, they just melted in your mouth.  Mmm.  These were not as good, but they were not far from it.  Annita had lots of practice making cinnamon rolls, she used to make them on Fridays for the livestock market.  Those lucky guys.  Now she is making them for Jesus, I know she is because they were heavenly!  A friend of GD’s asked me to make him some, so I will send a few along to him tomorrow morning.  I just need to exercise some self control and not eat them all tonight.  Maybe I just need to make them more often. 

Looks like I wasted an opportunity, here I have been typing for the last hour and the baby just woke up.  Now the kitchen is still a huge mess.  Another late night.

A conversation from Friday.

GD:  I had a bad day.

WF:  I did too.

GD:  My salesman showed up still smelling like alcohol.  I almost sent him home.

WF:  I ran a blue crayon through the dryer.

GD:  I don’t think he was still drunk, so I sent him on his route.

WF:  I think I can get it out if I use WD40 and dish soap.

GD:  He sure didn’t smell very professional

WF:  You have blue polkadots on your underwear.


Boxing Day

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I cleaned out the garage today. I can’t believe the number of boxes I have stashed. I last moved in 1998, and even then some guys showed up to pack our house in their own boxes (many of which I still have). I don’t mail stuff very often, but I find it hard to toss a perfectly good box. I guess now that we have a public recycling center I might feel better about getting rid of some.


This was in my living room for about four months (oh to have a basement). It was the coolest castle ever!  As you can see, we got a new water heater and  TV.  Also I “hostessed” my first and hopefully only “party.”

It is a family fetish, this box thing. My mom actually had a building in which to store her boxes. I was out of college before I thought this was a little strange, that we had a Box House. It was approximately the size of a privy, but without the special bench that makes it a privy, besides the privy was behind the house, this was behind the shop. It was located right beside our storm cellar. So I asked. The Box House was originally where my great grandparents kept the Delco generator. This was how they got electricity before they were on the grid. What a relief, the box obsession does not go back three generations! Both of my grandmothers and both of my parents are hoarders, it runs in my blood.

In other news, I took Jane to the Dr Monday.  They drew maybe 12 ml of blood from her arm, or in her words, “they sucked all the blood out of my arm!”  She sat on my lap, flinched once then watched as the syringe filled.  How brave!  Got a call from the Dr today, they sent the sample to another larger hospital which promptly lost it.  Now we have to go back.  We actually live closer to the larger hospital, and go to the smaller one because we feel the quality of care is much higher, and this recent experience hasn’t changed my mind.

I went grocery shopping with the whole crew today.  I took the ladies to the bathroom, and then was trying to leave the bathroom area while keeping one eye on them as they horsed around by the water fountain.  I moved the cart to the right suddenly and at that same time Leo stood up in the cart and leaned to the left to see if he could reach the ball display and whoops!  He landed on his head.  Poor little guy, he has a huge goose egg right in the middle of his forehead.  I don’t like to have him in the cart, but at 18 mos, he just can’t keep up.  After getting ice from the deli lady, (along with corned beef, doesn’t a Ruben sound good?) I lost my list.  I just winged it and made sure to get Coke and milk, the two true necessities along with a few other things, which unfortunately did not include rye bread or sauerkraut.  That gives me something to do tomorrow. 

The oven beeped again.  I am trying to bake a cake in a Pyrex 2 qt measuring cup so I can make a princess cake for my princess.  It is taking a long time to bake, but it is finally done.  My neighbor will be coming over tomorrow to help me frost it.  Fortunately, my kids don’t expect perfection.  I bought a one dollar doll at the grocery.  I plan to cut her off at the waist and poke the top into the cake.  We shall see.  They didn’t have any red-heads, like Ariel, so we will just have to go with the purple and turquoise color scheme.  I refuse to buy them another Barbie until they get older.  I am praying that we don’t get any Bratz stuff for her birthday.  Would it be tacky to request no Bratz in the invitation?  I didn’t have time to ask Miss Manners.  Well, I think I will turn the cake out of the pan and go to bed.



Husband is gone on business to Minnesota of all places.  Who goes there in Feb??  I managed chores by myself.  Paul swung and cried in the house while Leo and I chored.  His little boots left the cutest tracks in the snow. Then the ladies joined us and we swung and played in the snow, (Paul had settled down).

I got creative for supper.  We had about 10 leftover breadsticks from Pizza Hut, so I made stuffed pork chops and used them for the stuffing!  My grandma would be proud, except for the eating at PH in the first place.  Now that the kids are in bed, I have a date with Sayid and a huge pile of laundry to fold.  I am thinking wine is in order, and I might just vacuum too.  I sure hope Paul settles down again so I can hear my show.  He’s been running at about half crank all afternoon, he needs to sleep.  I can bounce him on my lap, but that makes folding difficult.  I have decided we can either have a clean”ish” kitchen or folded clothes, but not both.

Tomorrow night I am going to a little town down the road to scrapbook with about 25 ladies.  I am really looking forward to it.  The ladies will stay at a friend’s house until I pick them up.  I plan to send their night “gallons”!



Good Night!

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Ha!  Paul slept all night last night, from 10:30 or so until about 5:30.  And in his big boy crib too!  I actually got up around 4 to see what was going on in the boys’ room (because my body was missing Paul : ))

I messed around with trying to put my own photo up as a header, but had no luck.  I need to know more about http I guess.  I like what I ended up with except it is smooth brome grass, which is the crabgrass of rangeland (least ways up here).  When I get it figgured out, I will put a native grass scene up.

I need to get to bed, I put Paul down in his crib again, so wish me luck.


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We went to church today.  They had a pageant, Mae was Mary and Jane was the angel.  They were the only two girls in our little church old enough to participate in the pageant.  Jane is so little, and she was so intent on her role of walking up the aisle, it was cute.  Paul seems to have no intention of sleeping tonight.  He wore his tuxedo to church, and the little girl his age wore a beautiful dress, it looked like baby prom.

When we got home, Husband and I performed open door surgery on the dishwasher.  He was the surgeon, and I handed him instruments and cleaned the gunk out of the parts he removed.  It was nearly as gross as real surgery.  I run vinegar or koolaid through on a regular basis too.  He put it all together, ran a rinse, took it apart again and recleaned the thing and put it together again.  My glasses are transparent now!  You know, I don’t remember my parents doing this sort of thing, did we buy a cheap diswasher or are they making them cheaper these days?  This is the second time we have done this since 9 years ago when our old one went out over Thanksgiving and we bought this one new.  Maybe I should look into changing soaps, but I am not good at changing these types of things.  I still wear Levis, because I wore them in grade school. 

The only other excitement around here is that I am going with some friends to a larger town to shop tomorrow.  I hope to find myself some clothes. I have either been pregnant or trying to loose pregnancy weight since 2002, and my wardrobe looks like pre 2000.  I am not much of a group shopper, but I think I need advice on what is in style since it is no longer the 1980s.  I also need to pick up some gifts for my step kids.  I haven’t seen them much in the last 24 months, so it will be hard to find something appropriate.

I guess Tuesday I will try to decorate for Christmas.  If I keep putting it off, it will be unnecessary!  I did take down the last of the Autumn stuff today.   Well, Paul is not happy, I better see what I can do about that.