OMAHA, Neb. (Sept. 26) – An out-of-work widower who abandoned nine of his children at a hospital under Nebraska’s new safe haven law said he was overwhelmed without his wife and just “fell apart.” ”I hope they know I love them,” [the father] told KETV. “I hope their future is better without me around them.” 

This came from the AP web site.  It seems he has some extended family who offered to help him out.  Maybe he was stubborn, or maybe he had valid reasons for not letting family take his children.  He has to be depressed.  His wife died in childbirth a year ago.  He also has a HS graduate 18 year old daughter he did not drop off. 

Certainly dropping your kids off at a hospital is preferable to doing away with them in some other manner, but man, it isn’t something you could un-do easily. 

It is a busy night out there, I have heard an owl and something that might have been his dinner (better count the cats…just kidding) and now I hear a chorus of coyotes.  I pronounce it KY-oat.  Just in case you were wondering.  It is kind of like the leg protector things people call chaps.  Those who wear them pronounce it shaps, probably something to do with chaparral.  Don’t even get me started on creek and crick.

Tomorrow looks to be busy in a fun way.  Better get some nighty night.