I spent half an hour today cleaning my room.  Everybody but Paul was napping, he had napped earlier.  No, Paul stayed busy peeling keys off my laptop keyboard.  I have been missing the “-” for sometime now, it broke a while back and I haven’t had any luck keeping the key on.  It isn’t a huge problem.  However, the “m” “,” and ” ” keys (that last one would be the most oft used key on anyone’s computer, the space key) are AWOL.  I found the comma key, but still need Spacie and Emmie.  It could have been the kitten or maybe another kid, but nobody is fessing up as to where the keys are now, and I didn’t even yell at anyone.  Some wallpaper was also peeled, leading me to suspect a two-yearold culprit…Can you even get replacement keys? Please, oh please I need to find them!  Then I need to figure out how to make them stay on.