Snow Days


Sunday Leo told the minister about the pond he dug in his front yard and that he built bridges and dams and got his cows stuck and went on for an uncomfortable amount of time during the children’s sermon. The minister was most impressed that he had a pond in the front yard. I have a spot in my flower garden which gets no sun. I could plant impatiens there or I could let the gentlemen dig.

Leo and Paul’s mud hole Monday.    


Leo and Paul’s mud hole Tuesday.


After three dire warnings of blizzards this winter which amounted to about 2 inches of snow total we finally got hit. We got 11 inches, and about an inch or so of moisture. The kids got two days off from school, and I even got a snow day! Eleven inches of snow in November will probably be around in March. Eleven inches in April is great, and we need the moisture so bad. The second day I left Ed in charge, and I worked from 10-8. The kids left the house at 8:30 with their sleds. Ed said they stayed in the park for a couple of hours. I was delighted that everyone was still speaking to each other at the end of 10 hours together and the house was not noticeably worse that when I left.



This is the back yard halfway through the storm.

We live across the street from a seven acre or maybe ten acre park. It has a baby hill for timid sledders and a great hill known as “Suicide Hill” which it probably would be on a bike, but it is perfect for sledding. Everyone in town drives over here to sled.

Last Wednesday Paul built garages in Grandma and Papa’s alley.


I was so proud of myself last weekend. I am trying to get some native stuff to grow in the alley instead of the hollyhocks and bulbs that tend to look ragged as the summer goes on. I have several grass clumps out there, (side oats grama, little bluestem, switchgrass) you can see them in the background of the kids in the snow (and some asters I still plan to kill). I found some seeds from my very favoritest flower of all time ever, scarlet globemallow.

I have had no luck getting the darn plant to grow in the past, but now I have the right soil, so I have been watering my seedbed and watching the water drain down the alley.  I got my hoe out and started some gravity irrigation. I am gonna have to build up my dam every Wednesday after the garbage truck smooshes it, but otherwise it should work okay for a couple of years until everything is ready to survive on rain (or the lack thereof around here).



After a small set back which reset the clock, Paul is at 3 Accident Free Days.   His potty tractor was kind of lame, it was just like Dad’s, but it had nothing to pull behind it, no implements, so I went to Ace Hardware and bought him another tractor of the same scale but with a wagon and a disc.  Then he and his brother can each pull an implement with a tractor that fits it.  I figure the $16 I spent on the second tractor is less than two boxes of Luvs so we are still ahead.  212992663 I couldn’t believe this site is selling the tractor for more than twice what I paid.  Frankly, I think that if John Deere ditched their branded merchandise they would go broke.  At least IH has a little class and doesn’t proustite themselves by putting their logo and colors on everything from fabric to dishes to shoes.   Spell check and I just got in to it over the spelling of merchandise.  According to Mr. Webster I won.

Accident free day count

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GD has a sign at his place of work promoting safety.  I want to post a sign here too…  1 Accident free day.  Our good friend Paul used a public bathroom yesterday and managed to keep his underwear dry all day.  Today he is running around in the buff, but he has used the potty twice without being reminded. Woo hoo!  He may get that potty tractor before the end of the month yet!

In other news, the kitten has been excited to use our sand box for her…litterbox.  I was not impressed.  The older cats seem to know better, but they never lived in the house with the litterbox.  Someone told me in a completely different context that coffee grounds keep cats out of gardens etc.  Every morning Leo and Paul take the coffee out to the sandbox, just one of their many chores.  And our sandbox smells good to the last drop, the jury is still out on whether it works, but it can’t possibly hurt anything. 

Potty training


Paul has been swinging in the breeze all day.  Early this morning he tinkled on the floor but since then he has always made it to the potty. 

The good news,

  • He knows what is going on
  • We may be in Underoos before our trip to Texas in May
  • He is using up all of our Easter and Halloween and Christmas candy

The bad news,

  • Paul might decide that he only needs to use the potty if he is not wearing pants, while it saves on laundry it isn’t widely acceptable in public venues
  • We are running out of people to receive “potty calls”
  • He is going through candy rewards to the extent that he may not sleep tonight

The best news,

  • I sold the crib on Craig’s List for $100 cash!  I have a closet again! (and money to buy a bunkbed)

I have a date tonight too!


Last night’s date went well, Paul spent much of it nude, because I ran him a bath after having inadvertantly used all the warm water in the washing machine. I already had him undressed, so while we waited around for the hot water heater to catch up we played nude Elefun then nude coloring and nude flash cards.  It has been a long time since I spent all evening with a nekked boy. 

The ladies played hair dresser for Aunt Annette to the point that she may never wash all the product out of her hair and Uncle Brian will almost certainly be going to work at the tractor factory Monday smelling like perfume.

Leo and Daddy had grand fun at the Monster Trucks.  GD thought I was overly cautious when I sent the ear “muffins” with them.  Leo wore them the whole time, and GD wore his quite a bit as well.  Leo stayed up past 11, and he is still excited.

Benjamin Button and I had fun as well, but Brad wasn’t cute for nearly long enough in the movie.  I spent from 11:30-1:00 mulling the movie’s premise.  I need to find the book I guess.

Tonight GD and I are off to Red Lobster and Sherlock Holmes at the cheap theater.  After tomorrow, I will have to find a muumuu to wear.



The ladies, their father and I went to Bingo for books last night at the school.  We came home with 12 books, including several of Robert Munch’s.  He is my new favorite author. 

Then we saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs today at the free matinee, and I laughed and laughed. 

Sherlock Holmes is at the cheap theater tomorrow, I think I would like to go, wonder if I can find a sitter…

I am reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins to the ladies now.  It was first published in 1939, and it is timeless.

I bought a book for $3 at Big Lots because the title was interesting, something about loving or loathing your inner housewife.  It is causing me to think more than the average $3 book should.  I will be blogging about this book, I can’t tell yet whether I agree with the author or not, but she sure caused me to think.

Netflix sent me Season 3 of Big Love.  I confess, I love that show.

Paul and I have been potty training his teddy bear.  The bear is doing better than Paul.  Mostly I am trying to drum up involvement and build interest.

I better go clean up the kitchen, it doesn’t look like the maid is coming.

Oh my…


Tonight I had a new toddler experience.  Paul filled the potty with toilet paper and flushed.  FILLED the toilet.  He just started potty training, so I guess he thinks he knows what he is doing.  What I will be doing is cleaning the bathroom tonight after they go to bed.  This is what happens when you make a decent supper and let the kids play unsupervised.

Do you think they might be related?


I don’t believe my brother plans to have any children.  That’s okay, I had one for him!  Check this out, and don’t laugh at the 1976 attire. Okay, you can laugh, it is funny.  My brother would have been four, and Paul is just two.

scan September 09-15

For some reason Paul thinks that when you squat to take his picture at his level he should squat too.

A Trip to the Emergency Room


We went swimming at Cousin Anne’s yesterday afternoon.  I took the opportunity to wash a sleeping bag, saddle blanket and a filthy pair of coveralls at the laundromat to the tune of 19 quarters for one load.  When we got home I got the kids inside and went to hang up the laundry because I couldn’t hardly afford to dry them at the laundromat.  Ha.  Before I could get back in the house the kids greeted me with “Paul has blood everywhere!”  Sure enough he had a huge gash on his forehead, the kids said he hit it on the bed.  I interpreted this to mean jumping on the bed.  I called the neighbors then called GD and arranged to pick him up on the way.  I wiped his face with a paper towel, and the bleeding stopped.  Then he puked on the roll of paper towels.  We chose to go to the emergency room, I have heard Promptcare does not do stitches on faces and I was pretty sure he needed stitches.  The doctor we got sang little songs to Paul and did a great job.  After we got home, the ladies woke up and asked where Paul was.  I told them he was in his crib, then told them the Dr said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”  They said that he tripped over Leo and hit his head on the bed.  This morning it came out that Mae was carrying him and she tripped over Leo and Paul hit his head on the bed that way.

Paul has not seen his reflection, and I hope to keep it that way, so he won’t notice the stitches any sooner than he has to.  He was great, he even fell asleep on the way to the hospital- because he was tired not because he had a concussion.  In other news we got two tenths of rain last night on my laundry.  Oops.


mid august-13

Just wait until I am done with this


My first college roommate was a perfectionist, kind of the opposite of me. She used to say, “I just can’t wait until this biology test is over, then things will slow down.” When the biology test was over she moved on to another test in another subject, or maybe a lab project. We were in college, we were tested several times a month! Something is always coming up. Until you die. After you are dead, things get really different, at least that is what I hear!

I am done with my little directory, and it looks great. I sold a few ads then got it printed for free. That should help with our budget.

Now I am looking at helping with a haunted house for our booster club at Mae’s school. (Any scary ideas?) Yesterday I got a call from a fellow preschooler mom. She had just found out she was in charge of the Halloween party at school, and I had been nominated by default to help because I told them to use me where they needed me most. I am cool with that, but I suspect that nobody else signed up for the other parties. I told her I would bring a bowling game and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Leo is potty training, and doing a pretty good job at it. He suddenly grabs his crotch and hops up and down, we run to the bathroom and he does his thing then he gets a sticker. So far so good. He has peed on the floor a few times, but then who hasn’t?

Paul has a cold, his eyes are red and he acts sick. I am in the process of weaning him, so I hope he is getting the fluids he needs. He has yet to figure out the standard sippie cup. The one he will drink from he can make leak like a sieve when he wants, so I am trying a bottle. Nothing like starting a kid on a bottle two weeks before his first birthday. He’s smart, he will figure it out eventually. 

I sent Jane to the car for my wallet yesterday morning so I could send some money to help pay for the halloween party at school as requested.  (Little did I know.)  I like to quote the Go To Jail card in Monopoly, you know…”Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars” when I want promptness.  I told her I didn’t want her playing in the car, just to get my wallet and come back in.  Jane said, “I know Mama, I won’t “cowect” two hundred dollars.” 

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