For Earth Day this week I bought, via internet, some string bags for my groceries. I have two canvas ones that I like quite well, but they are usually in the car when the time comes to answer that big question, “Paper or plastic?” I have actually left my kids with a bored looking clerk to go get the bags from the car. I am hoping my string bags will fit in my purse. Don’t laugh Mom, they are supposed to be pretty small. I hope so, my purse is pretty small.

Showing up with my canvas bags confuses the carryouts, so I usually just tell them what to put in them. I told one to use them for the cold stuff and the produce. Well, I only had enough to fill one bag, so that is all he did. He put the rest in paper, including an empty canvas bag.

I am a paper kind of girl, and we have been getting low on paper bags around here. They are quite useful, so I don’t plan to give them up entirely. I don’t often re-use plastic bags, but they do make good insulation for packages. I have huge masses of them. One would think that I could use them for garbage, but we have four kids here, and the amount of garbage we produce multiplied by the frequency I empty the garbage containers equals an ugly number. They are just too small.

Have you noticed that Walmart no longer uses the distinctive blue bag? My theory involves someone in management noticing how easy it is to spot what exactly is blowing around in a field if it is a distinctive color. I don’t have any blue Walmart bags, or of any other color for that matter. I have not spent money in Walmart since before 2004. I am not sure when exactly I quit, but I never shopped there much. I recall trying to find baby stuff to buy with gift cards from our first child in the filthy disarray they called the baby aisle. I guess when everyone thinks they are getting a bargain, they don’t mind the merchandise being on the floor rather than on the shelf.

I will be watching the mail this week, looking for my pretty string bags.

This weekend was beautiful. We bought some flowers, and set them out. Just need to keep the cats out of them now. I accidentally noticed that my Lantana survived a winter in the garage with no water, well three of them did. My sister-in-law turned me on to Lantana when she lived in Vicksburg, MS. They are outdoor perennials down there. I put mine in a pot so I could keep them inside over the winter. I want to get some heliotrope and some herbs and some other odds and ends for my whiskey barrels. I found a beautiful butterfly plant of some kind last year for my perennial garden, but I don’t think it lived. I have better luck with the low maintenance kind of plants. I keep trying to build my perennial garden so I don’t have to continue buying stuff. All three roses are still alive, and of course the pervasive mint is too.

I have a spot in front of my house that I don’t like to deal with. It has some shrubs and usually fills in with wild violets. That sounds pretty, but it really isn’t. I moved a bunch of volunteer daisies out there today. I figure they can duke it out with the violets instead of me wasting my time. I call that my biological solution.

I am anxious to garden, but Leo is much too interested in things that involve getting dirty. I am going to try to give him part of the garden for his own farming purposes. He has been carrying around a three-wheeled tractor (*gasp* it’s red) my brother gave us several years ago, for the ladies. He had obviously used it, and now Leo sleeps with it if he remembers.

A friend stopped by with a TV he had found in a ditch, (we have that kind of friends). He said that it must have fallen from someone’s vehicle when they were moving. He claims they have been using it for a while, and were moving things around, and no longer have room for it. He left a remote as well. I can’t believe that fell off too… We have three TVs at our house, the big on in the living room (because we don’t a family room) the smaller one in the kitchen with the broken VCR thing and then the 20 year-old TV in the office. That one is actually more of a piece of furniture at this point. I am thinking we will be able to part with it when things go digital. So, do I replace the kitchen TV or the office antique? We don’t have on in the bedroom, but I don’t think we need one there either. Mae has mentioned that some of her friends have sets in their rooms… and we can still point out that we don’t, so they surely don’t need one.