I recently wrote a letter to the editor, with some facts about our representative, mostly to the effect that a nonpartisan group has ranked him consistently in the bottom 10% for effectiveness across several paramaters, as in the whole house and in his class and his political party and in his committees.

What is surprising is that three people have called me about it.  Fortunately all three have been quite complimentary, one was the guy running against him (who hasn’t a prayer of a chance) and another was one of his ex-colleagues in the state legislature prior to his current job.  It would never occur to me to call some idiot who wrote something in the letters to the editor column, whether I agreed or not.  I guess if someone calls offended I will tell them I have known him longer than they have and nothing I wrote was opinion, it was all fact.  I really hope that doesn’t happen, because I will get flustered and won’t be able to remember what I was going to tell them.

I am taking the kids for pictures tomorrow.  I asked for a battle-hardened photographer, one who could get all four looking in the same direction and smiling naturally if possible.  That seems too much to hope for, but I am eternally optimistic.