I don’t really do resolutions, but this year I joined the YMCA. I need to exercise and my job pays for part of the membership…if I just go. So I joined and signed up for Thursday Zumba. It was fun, but hard work. The kids went to some active kid program and informed me if I had signed a paper they could have climbed the rock wall and played on scooters. (actual photo of actual wall)


Now I know. My Zumba teacher’s name is Yoko and she did yoga for a cool down. I told her “Namaste” when we were done, but I am not sure she got it.

The house is coming along. Very slowly. I have a fridge in my living room and I have to wade through a couple hundred books to get to my closet, but I have bedroom curtains and a dishwasher, so I am not complaining. If I figure out how to add photos to this blog I will add some. I don’t like change, and I am having a hard time learning WordPress, partially, I am sure, because I don’t try to do anything on it but read other people’s stuff when I do get on it. I put four commas in that last sentence.

This is the reason I started this post.

I have my moments as a mother.

One of my very finest:

I looked at all the crap strewn around the yard one day and wrote a list of it. Then I told the kids what a scavenger hunt was. They happily searched for and picked up all the things on the list. When it was all in one pile Lydia Mae looked at me skeptically and said, “Did we just pick up the yard?”

A more recent moment:

We have approximately 12 feet in our family. (Ed sometimes leaves things here to be washed.) Let’s see, 12 X 7 = 84 plus all the extras, we will say 100. (I try to see the basket as half full when it comes to socks; there are no lost socks, only extras).

Try as I might I cannot get kids to match socks while watching TV. Last weekend we had a ton on laundry so I piled it up in the middle of the floor and sat everyone around the pile. We folded as a group and it all got done. When everyone got their clothes put away we played Socknanza™ as a bonus.

Socknanza™ Rules: Everyone sits in a circle and someone deals the socks out evenly. Note, it is not easy to deal socks, and to shuffle them? Even more difficult, although if they had been line dried it might have worked.

I was picturing Old Maid with socks or Go Fish or maybe Pit. As it was we just kind of traded socks around until we had matched everything. If you are competitive I am sure you can come up with better rules, like person with most pairs wins, or person with no singletons…

The kids had a blast, and asked if we could do it again. We have indeed accumulated enough socks to do it again but I doubt it will be as much fun the second time.

I didn’t realize there was a patron saint of lost socks.

Should we call her Bobbi or maybe Argyle?