I cheated, but I thought most of them fit pretty well.  All of the answers are minis.

saintvi writing-challenge

1.Where is your cell phone? Huh??
2.Where is your significant other? Vacation
3.Your hair? I have many layers
4.Your mother? Best friends forever

5. Your father? Cool dude

6.Your favorite things? Sing a long
7.Your dream last night? Awesome!
8.Your favorite drink? Cheers!
9.Your dream/goal? When I dream…
10.The room you’re in? In a pickle
11.Your hobby? Bulls eye (archery)
12.You fear spiders? Thumbs down
13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? And they lived happily ever after
14.Where were you last night? Party time
15.What you’re not? Feeling half empty
16.Muffins? Mmmmmmm Cupcakes
18.Where you grew up? Hop on over
19. The last thing you did? Something sweet
20.What are you wearing? I’m Pirate-y today

21. Your TV? Ninja attack
22. Your pets? I’m a lone wolf
23.Your computer? Like a moth to a flame
24. Your life? Thumbs up
25.Your mood? Gloomy
26.Missing someone? Where’ve you been?

27.Your car? What you ridin?
28.Something you’re not wearing? The key to my heart

29. Favorite store? Hood footwear
30.Your summer? I hate camping
31. Like someone? We go together like…

32. Your favorite color? Scribble outside the lines
33. When is the last time you laughed? You’re funny
34.Last time you cried? Super sad =(
35.Who will resend this? Your turn!