Our church held their harvest auction Sunday night.  A newcomer to the community, Bill (in orange shirt), inadvertently was the recipient of stolen property on Saturday night.  Someone slipped a photo album into his prize at the end of a card party held at Deb’s house.  Bill, an opportunist, promised to give it back at the harvest auction.  Unbeknownst to him, the guy who stole it told Todd (in white shirt) buy it at the auction.  Todd was not given an upper price limit.  I accidentally caught this on camera.  Since I don’t do YouTube yet, it is on my Xanga.  The first video is pretty long, but it shows GD auctioning.    Having a live auction will double or triple your take.  That number goes even higher if you have members who are not above blackmail!


As you may have discovered, I now have fast internet!

Stay tuned for more photos.