It is a good thing Santa flies because he couldn’t have driven here.


The duchess baked a cake (and the duke apparently visited B#tch*ng Bob’s Tatoo Parlor).  Actually those turned into cinnamon rolls, a pan of which is in the fridge waiting to be baked today.  



This is what the water tank looked like two weeks ago.


But at least I can fill it in a matter of seconds (it amounts to about a 10 inch faucet).

We are officially snowed in, GD can’t get the tractor down the road, but he keeps coming up with excuses to go outside.  He is currently playing with the four-wheeler.


The trees around our house provide great protection most of the year, but they are a great snow catcher too.




Today same pickup.


Topped with CoolWhip.


The deck.


The deck from the inside.

I haven’t left the house since Wednesday, and that was just a run to the babysitter so I could wrap presents.

Maybe by Monday or Tuesday.


The children on their best behavior.  Leo wore his suit to the baby sitter last week.  That and his Lightning McQueen Crocs.  At least he took off the Darth Vader costume.